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Crushing Cravings

crushing-cravingsI will not lie to you, dear readers, I still crave meat, dairy, and eggs from time to time. It has been two and a half weeks, and I hardly ever think about the different foods I’ve removed from my life. Hardly, ever.

Smells can be overwhelming when they sneak up on a person. If I was to walk into a Circle K that had a Dunkin’ Donuts inside, I would have already braced myself for the wave of savory smells. I would have wrinkled my nose before pushing through the glass door, and reminded myself how much I detest sausage biscuits and their abominable cousin, bacon, egg, and cheese croissants.

An unexpected odor, by contrast, can be a sneaky salesman. A surprise office party filled with pizza can become a willpower torture chamber to someone still only a few weeks into a new vegan diet. A Pokemon Go gym next to a Sonny’s BBQ can become an unexpected reminder that meat is an addiction that takes time to overcome.

Again, my friends, these cravings don’t happen very often or with any great intensity.  During the first few days I’d say there was a gentle nagging but it quickly faded to an occasional pang.

My solution for these cravings is to stuff my ever loving face. I microwave potatoes in pairs and eat them at the same time, double-fisted. I indulge in a 1.5x Rip’s Big Bowl which is enough to slow down a hungry elephant. I eat all the insanely good food that Plant Based Diet Culinary Artisan, Shannon, makes as well as any leftovers in the fridge or on other people’s plates. For reasons I won’t bore you with, I suggest not trying the “other people’s plates” tip at vegan restaurants. They are very snobby about that kind of thing, and PLEASE LET ME COME BACK AGAIN, ETHOS!

It seems that stuffing your face with produce isn’t the same as stuffing your face with unhealthy food. While I will share my exact starting weight and progress numbers starting in the near future, I can currently share that in just under 20 days, I’ve dropped 14 pounds.

Can it be challenging for a vegan noob to eat a veggie burger while standing next to grill full of the old fashioned kind? You’re damn right it can be.

Can it be worth it? You’re damn right it can be.


Counting Victory in Weeks


To be honest, I got a little winded when I celebrated today’s big milestone by I running up all three of my porch steps and imitating Rocky. For the record, I will be counting that as my cardio for the day.

The milestone in question: it’s been two weeks of good, plant based dieting with the occasional vegan junk food cheat. I’d give myself an A+ for being a vegan and a low B for plant based dieting. Dr. Esselstyn would probably give me a D for my plant based diet and perhaps even a stern lecture about avocados. Alas, he isn’t on the list of approved doctors with my insurance plan, so it looks like I’ll continue to have avocado surprise every day.

Avocado Surprise Recipe: for each meal of the day, get an avocado and a knife and a pinch of garlic salt. Take it to the table along with your regular meal. Then when the meal begins say “Surprise! I’m having a whole avocado with my meal again- and I don’t share!”

I don’t need my avocado crutch as much as I did in the first week. I’m doing a great job with the steel cut oats or Rip’s Big Bowl for breakfast, a smoothie or giant mixed vegetable salad for lunch, and some form of cooked or raw vegetables and either brown rice, beans, or tofu for dinner. Sometimes we do something crazy like spiralizing the zucchini or grilling Tofurky faux sausages, but keeping it simple is easier and accentuates the actual flavors.

The 14-day influx of fresh fruits and vegetables brings with it a renewed sense of happiness and joy. There is a chance I feel that way because I read this article explaining a study that took just over 12000 people who ate almost no fruits and vegetables and changed their intake to at least 8 servings a day. They didn’t omit any of their old foods- they simply added fruits and vegetables. Because of this, the people had an increase of happiness equivalent to that of people who went from being unemployed, to gainfully employed. As anyone who has been in this position before can tell you, that is a metric ton of happiness.

It is hard to tell if I’m experiencing that level of increased joy, but I certainly feel a lot more optimistic and positive about the actions I’m taking to heal. Come to think of it, I might just go put in ANOTHER cardio session for today.



Day 209: Watching the Clock

I make it a point not to wish my days on Earth away.  When an awesome family trip is a week away, I do my best not to try and hurry through the week so that I can get to the fun.  When I was a classroom teacher, I would try my best not to anticipate the upcoming summer break so much that it sacrificed the days leading up to it.  It was a real challenge sometimes, but I’ve always been conscious of the precious gift of time.

I am working really hard right now not to get on the TGIF bandwagon and start watching the clock for quitting time and bed time.  It isn’t easy honoring my day and giving it the attention it deserves because I am practically living in the future already.  Tomorrow can’t get here fast enough and Friday will just have to forgive me this time.

When I wake up tomorrow morning it will be VIRTUAL VEGAN POTLUCK DAY!!  Wow, right? All caps, bold, and italicized!  This must be a big deal.

I won’t beat a dead hay-bale because the details are spelled out rather nicely in Wednesday’s post.  I’m just trying to keep the excitement to a medium simmer despite how close I am to boiling over.  The starting site is at Vegan Bloggers Unite.  You can just show up in your PJs Saturday morning and start the feast with a few virtual drinks and appetizers, each of which are 100% calorie free (unless you manage to eat your laptop).

Here at Watch Me Lose 150 Pounds… we will be sharing the coveted recipe for Shannon’s World Famous- WAIT! I can’t tell you yet.  That was very tricky of you, getting me all excited and talkative.  Well, its not going to work darn it!  To be on the safe side, I am going to go ahead and post this before you use your wiles on me again and I spill the… OH! You almost did it again!  Forget it, I’m out.  I’ll see you all at the party tomorrow.  Now please excuse me while I go and tap my foot impatiently and wish that it was Saturday already.

Day 207: Virtual Vegan Potluck

kale bok choy veganIt can be very frustrating for a dinner party host to go to a lot of effort to plan the perfect dinner party and then to have some thoughtless guest bring a lot of extra people without any warning.  Seating, portions, crowd control and countless other aspects of planning can be thrown completely out of whack by inconsiderate jerks like this.

On a completely unrelated note, there is this AWESOME dinner party I’m inviting all of you to next Saturday.  I didn’t tell the host that I’d be bringing a few friends, but frankly, what’s the big hairy deal?

This Saturday is going to be the first annual Virtual Vegan Potluck event when you can virtually enjoy multiple dishes during each course of the feast from the comfort of your own home.  Picture if you will, more than 60 gifted vegan/ plant based diet cooking and blogging experts, each sharing their food porn pictures and recipes for a dish they are most proud of.

All the vegan bloggers will be linked in a chain, so we can start with the drinks, move on to appetizers, breads, salads, soups, main courses, and obviously, desserts.  The chain will be linked with easy to follow buttons so you can visit each dish without missing anything!

I am bursting with excitement because Shannon and I get to present an appetizer, which for the sake of suspense, will not be revealed until Saturday morning when the post goes live.  Hint #1: it’s not Lil’ Smokey Sausage Links with BBQ dipping sauce.  Hint #2: it’s not cheese fondue.

One of the highlights of blogging in vegan and plant based dieting circles is getting to meet the passionate people who populate the blog-o-sphere with their recipes, insight, support, and perspective.  I’ve met more quality human beings during this adventure than I can shake a celery stalk at.  This weekend is going to almost triple the number of foodie connections I’ve been able to make in the previous seven months, all thanks to the Virtual Vegan Potluck.  Super big thanks to An Unrefined Vegan for shouldering the responsibility of herding the massive numbers of bloggers participating in the event!

When you get back from the farmers market on Saturday, head on over to the Virtual Vegan Potluck starting gate at the Vegan Bloggers Unite page.  If you forget to save the address, check back with me here on the big day and you will find a “Jump to the Beginning” button that will take you to… you guessed it… the beginning.  From there, you will see big buttons that will allow you to navigate forward and backward in the VVP blog train.

Prepare to jot down your favorite recipes, or at least bookmark the posts you want to try out for yourself.  With more than 60 premier vegan foodies flaunting their skills, there are bound to be several dishes that you will want to recreate or improve upon.

Finally, since this will be a virtual potluck, and pixels are not at all filling, I recommend filling a platter with food you love so that you can eat during the event.  Otherwise the food parade might very well overwhelm you.

I look forward to crashing this party with you all.  If the host asks, tell ’em you’re with Toxic Vegan. *wink, wink