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ve-gan-aut /VEE-gun-ot/ (n.) 1. a person who is exploring the rewarding vegan lifestyle without actually meeting all of the vegan tenets all of the time.   2. someone who lives like a vegan but makes occasional allowances for transgressions without giving up the vegan lifestyle afterwards.  3. any omnivore who is experimenting with plant-based eating or vegan living. 4. a person who is sick and damn tired of defending their own personal brand of veganism and prefers to have a label nobody can argue with.  An example sentence: Sarah is a veganaut because even though she is almost always vegan, she wears leather shoes and eats cheese fondue once a month with her Mother-in-law and has some turkey on Thanksgiving.

My name is Jason and I originally started this blog to chronicle my transformation from carnivore to herbivore, a journey that began in the middle of October, 2011.  After eating an almost all animal product diet, the switch to a 100% plant based diet has been exciting lifestyle change.  The transformation from plant based dieting to compassionate vegan living was such a small step away, I took that too.

The Veganauts are a community of vegans, plant-based dieters, and environmental herbivores who support each other in the quest to reduce animal consumption, improve health, and save the planet.  Having sailed the vegan seas myself, I am excited to help new veganauts as they embark on the life changing journey.

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