Oh, a Month Passed?


Many former vegans may be reluctant to come back to the cool kids club because they’ve been away for so long that they forgot that this lifestyle is the path of least resistance. They’ve been eating their fried chicken and drinking their blue cheese dressing for so long, that they forgot veganism is the epitome of simple, clean, and easy.

Well let me share with you, brothers and sisters… whether you are a sinner, steak-eater, or lifelong Level 11 Vegan High Priest or Priestess… it is shockingly easy to return to a vegan diet, even after a long and shameful hiatus fueled by heavy cream and brisket.

From my experience, I found the first day or three back on the wagon to be bothersome at worst. From that point forward it was like being reintroduced to old friends I hadn’t heard from in years. For instance, I’d completely forgotten that Billy Tofu and Larissa Sweet Potato and I used to get in so much trouble in Mr. McGreggor’s organic chemistry class that we almost had to take summer school to graduate!

My triumphant return to veganism occurred five weeks ago. I didn’t even notice the one month anniversary go by, which really kind of makes my point. Weeks flew by without me really noticing and I felt better and better each day. I’m MUCH healthier today than I was when I restarted five weeks ago. Plus, I see no reason to stop. I can continue to eat well, get better, and move more for years to come. It isn’t a fad or a cleanse or a quick fix. It is a healthy lifestyle that can be maintained for life.

Having lived a simple, vegan lifestyle for months or years means that the pattern of behavior is already hardwired into your brain. The former vegans seem to have it even easier than the first timers. If you took a wrong turn down Spare Ribs Avenue for a year or ten after a successful stint as a vegan or plant based dieter, don’t be afraid to come back. Set your GPS to take you to a Whole Foods or a Bikram Yoga studio, and after making a few turns you’ll soon recognize exactly where you are…And that’s a really good feeling.



About jasongillett

I'm Jason Gillett, 2 year VEGAN, and a 41 year old family man. My wife & I teach in a FL school. I am using a blog to chronicle our family's new life. https://howilost150pounds.wordpress.com/ View all posts by jasongillett

2 responses to “Oh, a Month Passed?

  • Diane

    Thank you for your post! I have been a lost vegan for about a year after some life events threw me off course. Today was my first day back. I have gained all of the weight that I lost back, but I know it will all be fine.

    • jasongillett

      What a heart warming comment! Cheers and welcome back! Life events are probably the number one reason vegans stop being vegan. I know they were the catalyst for our fall from vegan grace. So glad to have another re-veganing buddy 🙂

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