Not So Much the Heat…


Greetings from sunny Florida, also known as the Rehydrator State. The humidity is so high here that if you leave raisins laying around they become green peppers. You thought I would say grapes perhaps? That shows how little you know about the insane humid heat- it does crazy things to people and produce!

It has been authoritatively said by people somewhere on the internet, that hotter climates lead to more violent communities. It’s broad generalizations like this that make me want to grab someone by the shirt and shake them into floppy unconsciousness. Anecdotally, it may seem like the Iceland/ Denmark/ Canada type countries are filled with happy, well-adjusted people and the Columbia/ Somalia/ Transylvania type countries are filled with hot-tempered, passionate people or vampires, but you can take your anecdotes and shove them, sideways down your well-intentioned throa…… I mean, clearly, scientific studies funded by special interest groups are needed before we can make any sense of this.

My primary goal right now is dropping pounds. Since this isn’t my first plant based rodeo, I already know my body will respond positively to the change in fuel. I’m sure my new diet is going to help my blood work and even help many of the pounds come off. However, I also know the addition of daily exercise is probably making as big a difference as the diet, if not bigger.

My fascination with the spa-like weather we’re having this sweltering Summer is fueled by my increased interaction with it. My daily walk/shuffle and basic weight lifting regimen requires that I exert effort in my garage gym or outdoors. This is a bit tricky when the daily temperatures are at their highest between 8am and… around… mid-September.

For this reason, I find myself getting up early to exercise before Mr. Sun begins his daily assault on the good people in our part of the pressure cooker. Swimming and biking and faux-jogging are tolerable between 4-7am but any outdoor activity after that is going to require a NASA space suit.

I could drive to the YMCA where our membership gives us access to a lot of nice equipment in an air-conditioned area, and this seems like an easy solution. However, I’m in a hypersensitive body image place at the moment and waaaaaay more comfortable taking care of my exercise here in the neighborhood. Plus, I doubt you can fully understand the road rage levels that Florida drivers reach when the humidity and temperature levels get up above burning rain forest temperatures.

I’m loving the extreme exercise and excited about the plant-based diet. Neither steam nor acid rain nor searing heat nor humid night stays this Veganuat from the swift completion of his appointed cardio.




About jasongillett

I'm Jason Gillett, 2 year VEGAN, and a 41 year old family man. My wife & I teach in a FL school. I am using a blog to chronicle our family's new life. View all posts by jasongillett

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