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funniest-videosSure, I’m trying to be more active.  I’ve just reclaimed my daily exercise routine which I’d misplaced several weeks ago under a pile of dirty laundry and IRS forms.  Running, yoga, and free weights are all working together to keep my furnace burning hot.  Couches are for potatoes and recliners are for parsnips, you dig?  The last thing I should do with my free time is sit on my butt and watch YouTube videos.  Besides, if I did that, what in the world would I do at my desk job all day?

There have been a lot of hilarious vegan videos passed around the webernets in the last year or so and I thought today might be a good day to pass the chuckles on to you.  Some may be offensive, others may not be offensive enough.  I would like credit for bringing you the vids you love and I require absolution for any that piss you off in any way.  In fact, if there are any that you don’t like it was probably the Purdue Chicken Conglomerate hacking my blog and trying to make me look bad.  Damn you Perdue!!!

Let’s start our Lazy Sunday (on Wednesday) by visiting the Vegan Black Metal Chef. This seitan worshiper’s vegan cooking/ black metal show (PG-13) is one of the places I turn if I’m feeling lethargic. VBMC shoots a lightning bolt of compassion through your scuuuuulllllll……. *whew… easy to get carried away.  Plus this crazy dude lives in Orlando so I might even run into him at the organic co-op or the farmers market or the leather, chain and blade emporium on OBT.

Check out his recipe for pad thai.

Plus, here is a link to take you to his collection of vegan black metal madness.

You know those funny moments in your childhood when you laughed so hard milk shot out of your nose? I can remember quite a few.  Recently I came across a commercial that made me shoot almond milk out of my nose.  I will share it with you here, but please swallow all beverages before watching.

Every once in a great while Saturday Night Live puts out a sketch that reminds you what they were capable of in their heyday.  The following is just such a sketch.  Justin Timberlake is in this solid gold video.  He and the Rock (not in this video) earned my respect and admiration in exactly the same way: buy demonstrating repeatedly that they do not take themselves as seriously as they seemed to at first. Unfortunately, I have to ask you to click on a link to the video since it couldn’t be embedded here like some of the others. PLEASE do yourself a favor and watch: THIS VIDEO.

Since I’ve become a vegan I’ve tried so many new foods I hardly recognize my taste buds anymore.  I used to live on cheeseburgers and chicken wings.  Now I have branched out in countless new dirrections.  I have become a big fan of Thai restaurants, Indian buffets, Vietnamese cuisine, and more recently, Middle Eastern Foods.  Here is GoRemy singing about one of my new favorites: hummus!

No need to stop the party now.  Here he is making me want tabbouleh.

What an amazing time we live in. Back in the old days commercials were boring and we used them to run to the bathroom or make popcorn.  Now the commercials are often more entertaining than the tripe I find myself watching.  Here is a great example.

This could go on and on and on until the work day is over, but I imagine we all have jobs we need to be pretending to do.  Before you go I’d like to beg a favor.  If you have a favorite funny vegan/veg/health video you can share please post a link in the comments section below.  I know I can look busy for a while here in the office, but I am going to need something to do after lunch today.

Keep those cameras rolling veganauts, and you could find yourself on TV winning 10,000 dollars! Not here though, you’ll need to talk to Bob Saget or somebody else about the cash.


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