Mixed Vegetables

Mixed-VegetablesHappy Friday Veganauts!

I am not the kind of guy to wish my precious weeks away like the majority of moronic morning radio DJs.  According to them, Mondays suck almost as much as work and bosses; Tuesdays are just an obstacle to be sidestepped on the way to the precious weekend; Wednesdays fall in the middle of the workweek and are called Humpday to try and illustrate the steep hill that we have to drag ourselves up each week and because the word hump is so blisteringly hilarious; Thursdays are when we see the weekend light at the end of the tunnel and start to get excited; and most of Friday is essentially brushed aside until the much anticipated “quitting time” arrives and the weekend- the only two days apparently worth living- are upon us.

I can not adequately express how much I loath this attitude perpetuated by the AM Drive Time Show or the Morning Crew or the Wacky Workday Sunrise Show or whatever the Hell they call themselves in your area.  When people wish their lives away, they get their wish.  I understand the sentiment and I have certainly had periods of my life where my job was a soul crushing mess that I had to put up with until I could find a less toxic way to support my family.  However, the last thing I needed during these personal dark ages was some faux friendly voice in the morning armed with thousands of dorky sound effects and a poor outlook on life egging on my worsening bad attitude.  Especially from someone who was done work at 10 freaking AM.  I consider my days precious and try to be thankful for even the most heinous of them.

Today, on the day most precious to the Earl and Ileane Show, I wanted to share a stir fry of topics with you that may not have received their own post, but certainly need to be shared with the Veganaut Community.

vvp-ppkFirst off, a huge congratulations to the Virtual Vegan Potluck participants and the VVP Behind the Scenes Wizards.  The famous and well loved Post Punk Kitchen listed the Virtual Vegan Potluck in their PPK Top 100 for 2012.  We’re sittin’ pretty at spot number 28- but since the PPK says that their list of vegan community powerhouses is in no particular order I’d like to think we would have been in the top 3 had they ranked them according to bad-assery.

Shout out to the muscle behind the event- Ann at An Unrefined Vegan and Somer at Vedged Out dump their hearts and souls into this ground-breaking virtual vegan feast that rolls around twice a year.  If you missed out on the last celebration of all things deliciously vegan you can still make the door to door visit to more than 100 mouth watering recipes by starting here: NOMNOMNOM.  If you want to prepare for the next VVP or even be a contributor to the smorgasbord, you can get all the deets you need to get involved here: VVP May 2013 Deets.

untide2In other news, my family has been really loving our change of laundry detergents.  Since the Turning the Tide post back on July 31, 2012 we’ve been mixing our own vats of laundry detergent for pennies on the dollar.  We used to buy giant jugs of blue sludge from the grocery store- one jug for washing, one jug for fabric softening.  Now we spend no time at all to mix a few simple ingredients together and find ourselves with an effective, environmentally friendly, and CHEAP alternative.

As for the fabric softener, we’ve been using a quarter cup of white vinegar that works just as well without making my skin break out in little red bumps that itch.  If you follow the link (above) to the post you can also read the conversation that has been taking place in the comments section about how vegan the concoction is and what you can do to be even more animal friendly.  Either way, I am glad to be keeping more money out of a chemical corporation R&D labs and instead spending it on other things… like Caribbean cruises.

Finally, I’d like to send out a request to my fellow veganauts and vegan blogging peeps regarding the Veganaut Tales.  If you have been meaning to belt out the story of your transition to the wonderful world of veganism, now is the time! Please email your story to watchmelose150@gmail.com.  You can just paste the story in the body of the email if you like.  I love hearing AND sharing these stories that prove that people from all walks of life end up in this compassionate community together.

That’s it for the mixed vegetables- I hope you have as much fun on this fabulous Friday as you do on marvelous Mondays, thrilling Thursdays, and your wacky weekends.  If not, I hope you can convince yourself that you are.  Ignore the AM Crazy Coffee Crew and instead remember the wise words of Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi: Your focus determines your reality.


About jasongillett

I'm Jason Gillett, 2 year VEGAN, and a 41 year old family man. My wife & I teach in a FL school. I am using a blog to chronicle our family's new life. https://howilost150pounds.wordpress.com/ View all posts by jasongillett

7 responses to “Mixed Vegetables

  • Cheryl

    Thank you so much for saying out loud what I’ve thought for years!! Why do people always look “forward” and never inward. What’s wrong with today, right now, right this very moment? I thank my creator every morning for each day that I awake with breath in my being, for the fabulous man that I’m fortunate enough to share my life with, for my son that I’m so proud of, and that I still have my parents, brother, grandma, and lots of extended family and friends. I’m also thankful that I don’t fear the end of my life because I know that someday I will return to the arms of my creator and be immersed in unconditional love like no other. So for everyone out there reading these blogs CELEBRATE THE MOMENT, whatever it’s all about. God bless you all.

    • jasongillett

      Thank you Cheryl! It is great to be alive and we don’t have time to waste wishing the time would pass quickly. A while back I stopped making myself counting down to vacations or other special events. I allowed myself to be excited but NOT to lament the time leading up to them. It is a real mind-shift from the standard way of thinking but forcing myself to appreciate even the days that seem like they should be wished away. Thanks for everything!!

  • Jennifer Anne Johnstone

    I have definitely noticed that since I changed my eating and lifestyle habits to reflect concern for other creatures there’s an added bonus of being more present in the moment and just feeling generally thankful for all that I have. There is always something to enjoy or work on improving in the present! On a totally unrelated note, I love my homemade laundry detergent and fabric softener 🙂

    • jasongillett

      I was just thinking about how much I love the detergent this morning : ) We made a new batch with a new lavender oil scent. It is such a great way to skip the big corporations huge mark-up and save a ton of money, reducing our carbon footprint, and so much more and more- don’t know why this seemingly little thing brings me so much joy. Thanks detergent buddy!!

  • narf77

    I love love LOVE Annie and Somer 🙂 They are my food heroines and Somer, in particular, has put more zing back in my week than a million radio D.J’s. I have been living her green smoothie challenge and have lost 10kg (that’s the better part of 22lb since I started) and feel amazing. Every day is wonderful and it’s all thanks to a redirection in diet from starchy (albeit comforting starchy 😉 ) food to more green things and some decent protein. I love veganauts and how people can stretch their bones to try vegetarianism at their own pace with no judgment or isolation and people are heading on over to Veganauts in their droves :). My story is a bit boring. I have been vegetarian for 24 years and about 15 years ago I decided to become vegan as a way to still fit through doorways. Nothing interesting there BUT it’s a lot easier to live cheaply as a vegan than it is to be omni on a limited wage. It’s more important than ever to share with people how to make their food budget stretch by including all sorts of delicious vegan meals…maybe the D.J’s should be sharing that ;).

    • jasongillett

      Holla! Annie and Somer fan club up in here!! I am so happy to find groups of vegans who are open and excepting and who don’t fit the ‘intolerant vegan’ stereotype.

      Absolutely fantastic results with your green smoothie challenge- I don’t miss a morning smoothie, EVER. I wake up looking forward to blending up produce!

      As for the money, I really wish I’d been a vegan decades ago so I could have saved all the cash I spent on expensive and unnecessary meat and dairy. This way of like is so much cheaper and sustainable. Growing food in our backyard actually make a dent in our monthly food bill. It makes a bigger difference than coupons used to when we bought processed foods all the time.

      Plant peace out!!

      • narf77

        Cheers for that Jason :). I actually belong to the FB Veganauts page…still waiting for my t-shirt ;). Glad you agree with me about the cost saving. I read a lot about how people can’t afford to eat healthy, I can’t afford NOT to! ;). We don’t get coupons here in Australia and our food prices are steep compared to your (subsidised) food so a lot more of Aussies total budget goes on food through necessity. All it takes is a bit of ingenuity and a few pots and you can save yourself money. “It all adds up” was my gran’s creed and she was right! :). I can’t stand intolerant vegans…they do a great disservice to veganism and tend to move on to the next extreme leaving we “normal” vegans to take the rap for the extremists. I use humour to deflect the Omni angst, it usually works. I remember dad always asking me “do you eat steak?”…”no dad”… “what about chook?”…”no dad”…”how about fish? That’s almost a vegetable?!”…how can you reason with someone like that eh? ;P He would buy me cheese and I would take it and pass it on to other people just to shut him up ;). You do what you do and you live what you feel is right and for me, veganism is “right” (whether fish is a vegetable or not! 😉 ). Now…where’s my t-shirt eh? 😉

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