Care to Share Your Veganaut Journey?

ships-logAhoy veganauts!

In the last 15 months I have met hundreds of vegans, near-vegans, flexitarians, pescetarians, plant based dieters and Mormons.  I can’t explain the Mormon phenomenon but I can tell you they have been very nice people.

The rest of the list makes perfect sense.  When I entered the veg community I was instantly embraced, supported, and nurtured.  I interacted with SO many people dedicated to keeping meat, dairy and eggs out of their diets, many of whom also tried to eliminate all other animal products in their lives.  Some of them were drawn to this way of life because of compassionate reasons, others for environmental reasons, and many for health reasons.  No matter who they were, they usually shared their history and how they’d arrived at this new way of life that they now found so satisfying.

I loved hearing these stories because as a new veganaut it made me feel more like an accepted member of the group rather than a foreigner trying to fit in.  From the perspective of most lifelong omnivores, vegans seem like members of a cult that they enter right after birth by being whisked off to special schools and hippie communes to learn the ancient and secretive vegan rituals.  Or at least that’s how it seemed to me 15 months ago.  Since then, thanks to the numerous shared stories, I have learned that the veganaut community is a melting pot of experiences and stories.  People from all walks of life and meat filled backgrounds have made this transformation.  This is an important message to share with all fledgling vegans.  It illustrates that anyone can join the community- and everyone is welcome.

Jason and the Veganauts is a great title for a blog written by a guy named Jason who also calls himself a veganaut.  However, it is an even better title for a blog written by that same guy named Jason who also shares the stories of OTHER veganauts! Like YOU!

Would you like to share your veganaut journey?  Can you keep the word count in the 500-900 word range?  Whether you were born into a vegan family or you are a recent Forks Over Knives convert, your story will help new veganauts get some perspective on how diverse our community can be.

You are invited to send your story to and you can rest assured it won’t end up in a book or a major motion picture without your permission.  However, by emailing your story to me you are giving permission to post it here on this blog where it could be seen by tens of people!  Naaaaaa… JK… in reality, the ole’ blog passed the 50,000 views mark last night (woo hoo!) so your story will be seen and it will help vegan noobs see the diversity in our loving community.

I don’t want to lay out to many parameters for what constitutes a ‘sharable’ story but I am imagining that they will be encouraging, upbeat messages that explain how individuals came to live the veg-life and how it has impacted their lives.  We have a broad spectrum of humanity represented here so there is no telling what kind of tales will be told or stories will be shared in the weeks and months to come, but that might be the most exciting part of this experiment.

I think it is high time we heard from and highlighted some of the crew.


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I'm Jason Gillett, 2 year VEGAN, and a 41 year old family man. My wife & I teach in a FL school. I am using a blog to chronicle our family's new life. View all posts by jasongillett

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