Warm Weekend

beach-palm-tree-shadowThe last thing I want to do is brag about the warm weather here in Florida while some veganauts are covered in several feet of snow.  If I was scraping ice and shoveling snow all day the last thing I’d want to read about is some guy’s unseasonably warm January weekend… and yet, here we are.  When reading this please consider any references to balmy breezes and turquoise waters as mere story elements supporting the tale of my weekend, rather than me bragging- even if I talk about palm trees swaying in said balmy breezes.

It started when all good weekends do: around lunch time on Friday.  After getting to the office, getting a cup of coffee and vigorously checking Facebook and Twitter for a few hours my tummy said that it was time for lunch.  I have learned not to let my tummy make all of the decisions but I could tell on Friday that there would be no arguing with it.

For months I’d been hearing about a vegan restaurant in the area called the Loving Hut and this was the glorious day I finally ate there.   My copilot on the lunchventure was a secretive person who will only be referred to here as Agent L.  I like the Men in Black nomenclature enough to adopt it whenever possible.

Agent L and I arrived outside of a small, brick building, parked and made it in the front door just in time to get the first table of the day.  The very nice hostess and waitress had us seated, watered, and menued in record time.  The entire menu is vegan which is a refreshing change from the limited options found on a regular menu.  I could order anything I wanted and the pictures made me even more ravenous than I had been when discussing lunch options with my tummy.

While waiting for sushi and my bowl of BBQ & Spring Roll Noodles, Agent L and I watched the several large screen televisions on the walls and discussed the unique features of the restaurant.  It turns out Loving Hut may be the largest chain of vegan restaurants in the world… and they also seem to be run by a cult.  Plus, I  think I may be a member now.

Supreme Master Ching Hai (or just “Supreme Master” to her friends) seems to run her own version of an Asian fusion Unitarian Universalist Church that also has lunch specials.  The televisions on the wall show a broadcast of Supreme Master reading, singing, and quoting from the texts of religions around the world.  The message seemed to be peace and love which is a message that I am usually pretty skeptical of.  However, when the food arrived, everything fell into place for me and I felt like I was at peace with the world and one with the Supreme Master.  It was THAT good.

As we left the church-uraunt that afternoon I was filled with calm,  kindness, and a ton of delicious vegan food. We drove away from the Supreme Master but I knew that my heart and stomach would be returning soon.

Later that afternoon I was still glowing from the meal as Shannon and I packed up our kids, dogs, and luggage and headed for Miami.  The Orlando to Miami drive only takes us about three hours but it usually seems like ten soul crushing hours thanks to the increased levels of fury and angst that South Florida drivers bring out in me.  I can’t adequately explain the insanity on the interstates south of Orlando but it intensifies the further south you go.  Picture the car chase scene in the Blues Brothers movie.  That would be an improvement over what we usually encounter.

Luckily, on this particular drive I was still floating on the Supreme Leader’s cushion of love and caring.   When the black BMW crossed five lanes of traffic with no blinker at 80mph while executing a flawless middle finger salute for no apparent reason, I didn’t freak out with blood thirsty horn honking and wild gesticulating.  When the taxi cab entering the highway decided that it would be easier to swerve into our lane causing a 12 car pile-up than it would be to continue driving forward in its own empty lane I didn’t scream myself  into a red faced fury.  Instead, I maintained my calm, forgiving nature thanks to the surplus of of kindness, understanding, and love that the Supreme Leader served for lunch.

temperature-in-kelvinDuring our weekend in Miami I thought a lot about the tropical breezes, warm sunshine, and blue-green ocean water that all the northern veganauts were missing out on.  I also thought about a picture I’d seen floating around the Internet.  The image shows a weatherman in one of the ridiculously cold places on Earth.  This clever meteorologist couldn’t bring himself to post the temperatures on the weather map because they were well below zero for the umpteenth day in a row.  Instead he recalculated the temperatures using the Kelvin scale rather than the Celsius or Fahrenheit.  Thanks to his understanding of perception the weahterman’s lucky viewers were treated to a map with temperatures in the mid 200’s.  I just assume that if you are living in a snow covered wasteland, cooking temperatures would seem appealing.

This is a great example of re-framing how we think about something.  Often we are faced with unchangeable circumstances that we have to deal with.  Sometimes it is just a matter of being tough and dealing with it.  Other times it helps to rethink how we think about something.

Going vegan can seem like an overwhelming and scary step to take.  Those of us on the other side know that it is way easier than it seems but that does not help the timid explorers discovering veganism for the first time.

Going veganaut, however is like posting the winter temperatures in Kelvin so it seems warmer.  The temperature isn’t really different but it still seems easier to deal with.  When I gave up meat, dairy, and eggs I made a promise to myself that I would eat a steak every two months and fried chicken on my birthday.  It was a deal that I made to help ease the transition.  By the time I was supposed to be eating my first scheduled steak I’d lost the desire to follow through with it.  Had I entered into this experiment with no hope of reprieve I may have given up after a week.  Luckily, I’d re-framed what it meant to be vegan so it was easier for me to live with during the transition period.

Until next time, may your summer rolls be cool, your spring rolls warm, and may the blessings of Supreme Master be sprinkled over you like Braggs liquid amino is sprinkled on rice.


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I'm Jason Gillett, 2 year VEGAN, and a 41 year old family man. My wife & I teach in a FL school. I am using a blog to chronicle our family's new life. https://howilost150pounds.wordpress.com/ View all posts by jasongillett

13 responses to “Warm Weekend

  • Somer

    Yeah, keep bragging. Warm weather, Local Loving Hut….. I think I’m going to go have a good cry 😉

    • jasongillett

      You should buy a plane ticket~ come on down to the warm weather~ there are 4 vegan restaurants you need to visit in Orlando. If you ever have a long enough layover here I can coordinate a pick-up, eat vegan grub, drop off schedule. I work close to the airport. Hot summer is heading your way : )

  • Sheree

    Ahhh, that delicious feeling when you sit down in a restaurant and know that nothing animal-related has touched your food, lol. We had a great restaurant in Atlanta that was vegan (now I’m in a small town and no vegan-only restaurants) and I loved that “clean” feeling I’d get when I eat there.

    • jasongillett

      There are a handful of restaurants around my area that are all vegan- like you said, it is the greatest feeling to be able to choose anything from the menu and know that it is clean. It might not be Engine 2 healthy but no animals were involved in any way. Another benefit is that they are all locally owned (except the Loving Hut) which is where I prefer to spend my money if I’m gonna spend it anywhere. You should consider opening a vegan restaurant!

    • The Savvy Sister

      I’m in Atlanta …what’s your great vegan restaurant?

  • Cheryl

    Thank you oh so much for the referral to Loving Hut. I just found two of them in our area of Arizona, and can’t wait to try it out. It will be nice to be able to order anything on the menu without wondering.

    • jasongillett

      That’s cool! Let us know what you think about the Arizona Loving Huts~ I’d like to think they are just as good all around the globe. It is the best feeling to graze from an entire menu : ) Happy grub hunting!!

  • The Savvy Sister

    Friend and co-author Florence Strang is going to try going vegan for 21 days. I would love it if you and your readers would stop by and offer encouragement, recipes, and anything else that you feel would keep her from diving head-first into a vat of meatballs.


  • pinkunderbelly

    Same deal here in Houston. The other day it was 81 and sunny. The last few days it’s been “colder” but I’m still driving with the top down (the car, not me going topless; after breast cancer and reconstruction, that would be a definite traffic hazard).

    • jasongillett

      That just means you are a bad ass who got in a fight and won. Rock on with your bad self~ it’s best for me to drive with a shirt on, despite the warm weather though. I have lost a good amount of weight, but I am still large enough to man boobs- I can’t imagine my poor kids having face their peers at school after being dropped a guy with moobs. High five, warm buddy!

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