The Veganauts’ Adventures

So far I am sticking to my new posting schedule pretty well.  On Monday I shared a post about my own health progress and journey.  Today seems to be moving forward with this short little diddy about the book I am banging out.  That leaves the Friday post pointing you to my One Green Planet article for the week.  So far so good!

For this week’s book post I’ll be giving an overview of what to expect when you download this little beauty in October or November… which is a big question mark by itself.  Not the release dates… the format.  When I was a young man reading Carl Hiaasen and Stephen King and dreaming of the rock star author life I always imagined sitting on stacks of new smelling books.  There would be thick paper, a hard cover, and a handsome bio picture on the dust jacket.  Not to mention the mile long line of adoring fans who think that my signature on the inside cover would be worth waiting for.  I was a vain seventeen year old who seems to have grown into a vain 40 year old.

However, over the last few decades, books have evolved into a more nebulous animal.  They can come in the standard “real” format or in an electronic version.  On one hand, you can’t (really) sign a digital book or hand it off to friends and loved ones when you finish it like you can with a real life book.  On the other hand, I can self-publish my completed book 10 minutes after the editing process is done.  It shows up on Amazon and people can download it shortly after.  I really like the thought of skipping the daunting task of finding a publisher and then turning over my blood, sweat, and manuscript over to them.  Trust issues combined with control issues combined with issues in general make me think a digital e-book is the way to go.

So with only two months left to decide, I am going to let fate and the universe take control.  The current flexible plan is to be ready for self publication as soon as the editing process is over.  Once it makes it to market, I will let the sales determine if there will be a print version available.  If there is sufficient call for it, I’d love to run a pile of real books and make them available on Amazon as well.  If a publisher pops up before then (meaning: if my 1000 emails to publishing companies actually connects me with a living publisher of books) I would consider letting someone else take the reins.  In short, I would gladly get over my issues if I had a chance to.

The working title (which is what authors call a title they are using even if they think it sucks) is The Veganauts’ Adventures.  I’m sure this will turn into something more palatable and appropriate but I’m not ready to invest too much thought into it just yet.  Sometimes it takes a while for an idea to percolate through my grey matter and I feel one getting ready to drip out.

The finished product will be a book that you can give to your friends, family, and co-workers that are preparing to make the leap into a vegan life.  There are chapters and sections that could nudge people who do not know if they are ready yet, but it is really built for folks who are prepared to take the leap but don’t know where the jumping off points are.  Basically, it’s exactly what I wanted to have when I was transitioning to the new lifestyle.

My hope is that I can lean on my old Atkins and Standard American Dieting lifestyle to show that any fat, sick, and nearly dead person with a strong dislike of fruits and vegetables can become a healthy, produce loving, plant-based dieting vegan.

I shocked the heck out of myself and the people around me by making what seemed like an impossible change.  The reality is that it was much easier to make the switch than I expected and shockingly easy to maintain it once the transition period ended.  I hope that my own success story and newly gained body of knowledge will help other people find my current level of bliss for themselves.

Of course, I wont complain if I also happen to score an appearance on the Ellen Show.  I’ve been practicing my dance moves just in case.


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I'm Jason Gillett, 2 year VEGAN, and a 41 year old family man. My wife & I teach in a FL school. I am using a blog to chronicle our family's new life. View all posts by jasongillett

26 responses to “The Veganauts’ Adventures

  • An Unrefined Vegan

    I’ve already got several people in mind who need this book, Jason!

  • My Plant Based Family

    I would have loved a book like yours when I made the switch!

    • jasongillett

      I would have too! I was a bull in a china shop for months while I figured everything out. I’m grateful for the journey, but like any good tour guide I dream of helping the tourists get the most out of their trip 🙂 Happy dance!

  • The Savvy Sister

    Thanks for your hard work…many will benefit!

  • Jenn

    Sweet! You made your posting schedule. Nice work, I am looking forward to Friday. Much love & waiting for my book to arrive.

    • jasongillett

      So close- One Green Planet didn’t pub me on Friday so I had a dry day. Too bad : ( I’ll have some posts banked up now so I’ll be ready to roll with new material when first-world blogging disaster strikes!

  • Annmarie Brennan

    I’ll be looking forward to the book. It’s certainly a topic that needs a book, and you seem to be the guy to do it.

    Hey – on another note. I wanted to pass along a bit of wisdom that I’ve gained from 26 years of battling weight – and mostly winning the war……I’ve been thinking about this since your last posting about the 5K. One thing I have learned: Never think of exercise as a way to lose weight. Think about it as something one has to do to be heathy – physically and mentally. The way to lose weight is to change one’s eating habits. Many people seem to think that if they exercise, they will lose weight, and when they don’t they give up. It’s really about he mathematics of calories – and exercise just doesn’t burn up that many calories – even training for a marathon.

    I think I can relax now that I’ve gotten that off my chest.
    Best wishes!

    • jasongillett

      Your wisdom is appreciated! I know it is sound advice because my dad has always made a similar point- calories in, calories out. Even if the measurement isn’t as simple as calories it is energy in, energy out. I am reading more and more about the dangers of a sedentary life. The exercise accomplishes so much more than burning calories in a machine- like you said- it is for physical as well as mental health.

      The first book will not really touch a lot on weight loss. There will be some anecdotes and personal stories, but the big message is helping people go mostly vegan for any reason. However, the second book (March-April?) will specifically be about my health and weight loss journey. There will be a ton of exercise info in there- with an almost equal amount of mental health inspection. If people don’t think about why they make the poor choices, they will not be able to stop making them in the long run. And short term weight loss can’t be the goal.

      Thank you for the best wishes and for sharing!!

  • bjwyns

    Sounds like a great book, best of luck to you!

  • Jennifer

    The book sounds great. We need something like your book, maybe in pocket-sized form for every occasion where we encounter someone who asks about our diet and then says “I could never do that!” And to piggyback on Annmarie’s post, maybe there should be a chapter about exercise. I always tell people who say they don’t have the energy to get up at 5:00 am to exercise (hard!) before work like I do that the exercise itself generates the energy that keeps me going through the day. It doesn’t take away; it adds! I have energy because I expend energy. Same with diet — you put the effort in to plan meals to fuel your body, and you are rewarded ten times over.

    • jasongillett

      Thanks Jennifer! Pocket sized version, eh? So crazy it might just work : )

      Since I moved my exercise to the morning I have noticed an energy buzz all day. I see people at my job slam energy drinks and doze, and I am popping along with water and fruit! Danka!

  • erin

    So glad you are writing a book Jason! I really like your style of writing, very entertaining.

  • toxicvegan

    This is SO exciting! I can’t wait to get the book.

    But if you meet Ellen first I will hunt you down and kill you *compassionate face*



    • jasongillett

      Just to be on the safe side, if I get a chance to meet her I’ll be sure to include you so it doesn’t come to that. I am thinking of an MC Hammer kinda thing mixed with Jazz Hands. We can work out the routine on Skype : )

      • toxicvegan

        I am all over this. I just so happen to have MC hammer pants just WAITING to get an outing. Am confident you’ll also have a pair 🙂

  • thecrueltyfreereview

    I look forward to reading your book. It’s nice to see how other people approach the plant-based change, plus you have a lot to share in the weight-loss department too. I can only hope it’s as full of as much self-depriciating humor as your blog is 🙂

  • Moose

    Came over after reading your veganism will kill the dinosaurs and destroy the planet!!!1!! article and am enjoying your site. 🙂
    I suggest even a simple re-ordering of the words to make your title catchier…”The Adventures of the Veganauts”! Maybe to be followed by The Veganauts Go to Mars? Jason and the Veganauts: The search for the golden vegan fleece would also be a good title for a book-like thing, maybe a different volume in your series that talks about community and community-building.

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