Case of the ‘saturdays’

Saturday is a day built with possibilities.  Beach bumming in Italy?  Canoe trip to the Bermuda Triangle?  Hike the Himalayas?  During the work week we convince ourselves that any of it is possible.  Sometimes these life experiences are the focus of our free time.  We take full advantage of not having to be somewhere.  Other times we are not as free to interact with our planet.  We have life logistics and maintenance to tend to.  This creates two different kinds of Saturdays: SATURDAYS!! and ‘saturdays.’  My family is experience the latter version today.

I have work I need to finish for my paying job.  There are household bills and correspondence that need to be crossed off the To Do list.  The kids go back to school on Monday, which is a logistical puzzle by itself.  We are also engaged in heavy duty Spring cleaning which is either very late or very early depending on if you are glass half-full or half-empty kind of person- which reminds me, I also have a stack of Christmas cards I need to fill out and send.

All of this organization and preparation has even spread to the ‘ole blog and related projects.  I’ve decided to share a short list of blog housekeeping tidbits that fit nicely into the productive kind of day I am having.

1. Please excuse the sporadic posting during the last few weeks.  I have been focusing a lot of writing energy on the ‘ole book (plan to be ready for release in mid-Novemberish).  Moving forward, I have a solution but I wanted to drop an apology bomb on you regulars.

2. I’ve decided on a posting schedule that will fit into the newly ramped up writing efforts and allow me to share some of the personal triumphs I am experiencing.  The Monday morning post will be the personal update post: weight loss, blood pressure, 5K times, recipe success, and so on.  The Wednesday morning post will be an excerpt from the upcoming book~ which will allow me to share snippets, get feedback, and repurpose some of my word count.  Friday will be the teaser and link to my One Green Planet article from the week.  I think this will achieve the steady posting I have been striving for without me having to give up my day job…..and our home.

3. If you have not visited the first two One Green Planet articles, here are the links: Vegans in Space article and the Lunch With the Omnis article.  I wouldn’t say they are solid gold, but I feel like I am getting my groove on over at OGP.

4. I am researching the detergent post from a few weeks ago.  Arm & Hammer might be involved in animal testing and Borax can’t tell us where it was last Thursday between 6 and 8pm.  I will be posting an update AND correcting the original when I get to the bottom of the load.  I don’t want to spread incorrect information when there is so much correct information that could be spread instead.

5. No joke: new website and t-shirts are just around the corner.  It is almost go time Veganauts!

That is all of the blog news I needed to get off of my chest.  I hope you are all conquering mountains, rivers or garage cleanings.  Happy ‘saturday.’


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I'm Jason Gillett, 2 year VEGAN, and a 41 year old family man. My wife & I teach in a FL school. I am using a blog to chronicle our family's new life. View all posts by jasongillett

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