Lunch with the Omnivores

Hello Veganauts and sideline supporters!  I am proud to present my second article published on One Green Planet.  Below you will find the first two paragraphs and a link to the rest of the article.  When you finish reading, please go back to the top and click the Share, Tweet, StumbleUpon and Facebook Like buttons.  The higher my numbers are on those share buttons the more likely I am to be elected king of the Internet, which is my ultimate goal.  Thanks everyone, and without further adieu…

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Sometimes I daydream about the future.  As the years and decades speed by, I can imagine the number of vegans growing exponentially as the compassionate, environmental, and healthy bandwagon races on.  In the future, farmers will be growing acres and acres of food for people instead of animals.  Sounds crazy, right?  Pharmacies and farmers markets will merge into one seamless unit, dispensing fruits and vegetables instead of antibiotics and antidepressants (side effects may include clarity of thought, a healthy glow, excess energy, and regular bowel syndrome).   I can even imagine a glorious future where Starbucks will reverse their current practice of charging extra for soy and will instead start charging extra for dairy.  It will be a vegan paradise.

Then there is the Mother of all Daydreams for the future: living in a world filled with an overwhelming majority of vegan restaurants.  I can see it now… the street corners and interstate off-ramps will be covered with plant-based dinners and eateries.  Drive-thru food will involve driving through fruit orchards and picking what you want.  McDonald’s will rebrand itself as McHerbivore’s with the slogan: Billions and Billions NOT Slaughtered.

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