Veganaut Triple Detente

I am a visual learner and thinker.  When I calculate days and count hours I use my fingers to keep from losing track.  If I’m trying to remember to take the pet to a vet appointment, I will sometimes tie a string to my finger so I wont forget (this is a fool proof trick if I also tie the other end of the string to the pet).  When I’m trying to compare and contrast ideas, I often rely on Venn Diagrams.

Venn diagrams are a visual thinker and organizers best friends.  After teaching a generation of elementary school students how the overlapping circles can be used as visual tools to compare and contrast, I have evolved into a Venn Diagram master.  I have a black belt in unions and intersections.

In the diagram above, the Veganaut Triple Detente is described nicely with six words and three circles… but let me take 600 more words to describe this particular concept.

A detente is an agreement made by opposing groups because it is in their best interest to do so.  I came across this concept for the first time in the Piers Anthony book, Triple Detente.  In this book Mr. Anthony included a lot less naughty bits than I’d come to appreciate in his Adept series, but as a stand alone book, I thought it was mind blowing.  Three opposing alien races strike a surprising deal that solves many of the problems that they were each facing.  If your summer reading list isn’t full and if  you aren’t opposed to sci-fi, you won’t be wasting your time with this one.

In the vegan world, there is a similar detente that needs to be solidified.  First and foremost, lets peek at the word vegan again.  It is commonly accepted that a vegan is someone who abstains from anything made from or with animals for compassionate reasons.  They go to great lengths to avoid harming or being a part of any system that harms beings weaker than themselves.  Compassion is hard to define or quantify, but vegans are truly good people who wish to live simply, so that other animals may simply live.

Environmentalists know that one of the only ways to reverse the downhill tumble we have started is to drastically reduce the amount of animals we make for food.  The amount of energy used to make a pound of meat can make around ten pounds of grains and produce.  The factory farms and the food production facilities are creating more pollution than strip mining operations.  Many environmentalist have given up meat and dairy and started focusing on their foodprint as much as their carbon footprint.  They dream of a planet covered by locavore (local-vore) communities that avoid meat and animal related foods because of the damage they do to our sickly planet.  These are truly good people who wish to live simply so that we all may simply live.

Thanks to Forks Over Knives, Engine 2, and the rest of the plant-based diet crew there has been an explosion in the number of people giving up meat, dairy and eggs.  These people know that dairy is the cigarette of our generation- something that doctors swear is good for you until there is so much proof it is killing you that they change their tune and act like they were against it from the beginning.  Plant-based dieters also know that meat, eggs, and anything else made from an animals will damage their bodies and potentially shorten their lives.  These are truly good people who wish to eat simply, so that they may simply live.

All three groups are making a huge difference in the number of animals being slaughtered and tested on.  All three groups are living differently for compassionate reasons of their own.  All three groups lead a lifestyle that benefits the other two groups.  We have triple detente.

It is time to shake hands, accept each other for our differences, and benefit from our combined strength in making changes we all want to see.  When it comes down to it, whether your compassion is global, personal or in defense of the weak, we are all truly good people- choosing to live simply so that everyone, everything, everywhere, may simply live.


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I'm Jason Gillett, 2 year VEGAN, and a 41 year old family man. My wife & I teach in a FL school. I am using a blog to chronicle our family's new life. View all posts by jasongillett

10 responses to “Veganaut Triple Detente

  • Jennifer

    Thanks again for another thoughtful post with excellent visual aids. This one was especially welcome as I just returned home from the in-laws’ house after yet another round of “Defend Your Diet!.” 🙂

    • jasongillett

      That sounds like a fun vacation! (eye roll) Sorry you had to go on the defensive- WE’re all on your side 🙂 Thank you!!

      • Jennifer

        thanks! I would email your diagram to my MIL but she doesn’t use email (or the Internet) so I am going to have to settle for taking her to a vegan lunch at a local cafe and physically handing her copies of The Happy Herbivore and Appetite For Reduction. Skinny Bitch would just make her cry!

  • smauland

    Great post! Really enjoy your blog, you are very good at putting thoughts into words.

  • Sheree

    That is a great diagram! I know I started this journey many years ago out of compassion (just couldn’t do it anymore), but find the health aspect is what seems to appeal to others the most (which frustrates me because I know how easy it is to fall off a “diet” but not so easy to go against your morals). So I find myself using that aspect in order to get them on their way…but I really just want to scream, “Leave the animals the %&#$ alone!” lol. But I don’t. I put up one of Dr. Greger’s videos about how a plant-based diet is the best one for your health and why and leave it at that.

    I only hope those who start this journey for their own health will start to feel the benefits of living more compassionately and will thus be on a lifetime rather than a temporary journey.

    • jasongillett

      That is exactly the trick! I started this journey for selfish reasons that evolved into compassion when the blinders were off. So very true! You rule Sheree 🙂

      • Sheree

        Jason, do you think it happened that way for you because once you started eating this way you could finally really *look* at what you used to eat (whereas when you are in that meat-eating lifestyle, you turn away so you don’t know?)? I’m just trying to figure out the mindset of how it happens so I’ll know how to nudge my friends along as they get started.

        And *you* rule, my friend!

    • Jennifer

      I have the same issues. I find myself explaining that at this point I am not choosing to eat this way to be skinny (there’s that “Skinny Bitch” image again! dammit) but because I believe it is best for my longterm health, the health of the planet, and the welfare of animals. So far I think the best way to convert meat eaters is to go about my business bursting with energy and eating a ton of gorgeous, delicious food and answering questions when asked. I know I *wanted* to eat better and cause less suffering for a long time, I just wasn’t sure how to do it affordably and in a way that made it fun and exciting to eat.

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