Day 202: May the Fourth Be With You

Happy Star Wars Day everyone!  Every May 4th, nerds across America celebrate this great holiday by saying “May the 4th be with you” to each other, and in some extreme cases, posting it on their Facebook pages.  This outpouring of enthusiasm still pales in comparison to what I think a proper national celebration should be for this society-changing epic saga.

In my humble opinion, May the 4th should be a day that practically everyone has off from school, work, and responsibility in general.  One notable exception will be the movie theaters that should be showing reel after reel of the movies to the general public, free of charge.  After a few years it would become fashionable to tip the employees ridiculous amounts on these days since they would be society’s heroes.  Costumes, street performances, flash mobs, and large friendly gatherings would punctuate the day as we celebrated the Star Wars Universe.

Too much?  Can’t picture it?  Not a fan?  I’m afraid I am in the minority on this one, but maybe with some general education on the subject this could take off and I’ll never have to work another May 4th again.

George Lucas created this empire over a span of almost four decades with six movies, countless books, multiple TV series, and more video games than even MY son can play.  George wove a tapestry of good versus evil on a loom made out of colorful planets and bizarre alien species.  Then he Bedazzled  the tapestry with storms of blaster fire and gripping light saber battles.

Throughout the timeline, characters may come and go, but the Force is always present.  It is a tangible force that many characters can harness in the Star Wars Universe.  Some use it to aid others and protect them from harm- the Jedi.  Others use the Force for personal power and control of others- the Sith.  In both cases, I am a gigantic nerd.

The Jedi Knights are the good guys.  They are very powerful, and like all good guys, they live by a code.  One of the many precepts of the code is to Honor Life.  It does not say to honor sentient life, or intelligent life, or fluffy bunny life… just life.  I can’t say that the Jedi are 100% vegan, but their beliefs are in line with compassion, caring, and a selflessness that we would all like to see in more people.

When Jedi part ways and offer their customary valediction, “May the force be with you,” they are wishing each other enough of the Force to do good and maintain balance in the universe.  It is a wish that I have for all of us- enough power to right the wrongs and defend the innocent.  Star Wars fan or not, you have to admit, that’s a pretty good message.

Here is a Star Wars video I think we can all enjoy, and of course, may the Force be with you, always.


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