Day 194: Vegan Feast Cooking Show

Today’s post will explore a new and exciting format. Some may find it terrifying, but they probably just need a nap. Don’t be alarmed though, this isn’t becoming a recipe sharing blog, its more like a semi-monthly meal that we share with friends… a dinner party that doesn’t require any extra shopping for us.

I grew up watching Julia Child cook everything. We only had one TV and my Mom would bite if you tried to change the channel away from Julia.

Last night Shannon and I hosted our very first Vegan Feast Cooking Show via Twitter (@Atkins2Vegan). It was an impulsive decision that turned into a really fun evening. The thought of putting on a Julia ‘Childlike’ show with a Tofurky struck me as funny, and a pretend cooking show was born.

Last night we were celebrating with less than ideal health food that was, of course, still vegan: Tofurky Roast and mashed potatoes and some mystery leftover green vegetables were on the menu. Below you will find the Tweets and the photo that went with each of them.

It took an hour and a half longer than we expected it to because the Tofurky ball was frozen solid. This roast was only 8.99 and our local grocery store. It comes with gravy and uses a lot of packaging. I am not crazy about that, but it was mostly recyclable. The book I read while waiting the extra time is Recycled Carbon, a spectacular futuristic sci-fi book.

Yeah, we started cooking late. Our already late 7pm dinner became an 8:30pm evening feast. We had to stay awake and active until midnight just to keep from going to sleep full. That was a joke of course, we stayed up late but were as lazy as tree-sloths.

The green flakes were parsley found in McCormick garlic salt. I really love red potatoes.

Thermodynamics make it a bad idea to open the oven door and look at what is cooking. The smells make it hard to remember the laws of thermodynamics. The little round ball smelled delicious.

We’ve decided that the next time we make one of these little treats, we will do a better job of cooking it with onions, vegetables, and aromatics to add to the final product. However, this time we were going bare bones.

The rules that apply to carving a real turkey at Thanksgiving, apply when carving the vegan substitute: I get the biggest piece and any uneven bits that fall off during carving. It is a sweet deal for the carver, which is why I always carve.

Skins on, Earth Balance fake butter (sorry Rip and Lindsay), and salt. This is why celebrations were made.

This is kale and bok choy that was grown, harvested, washed, and gifted to us by some friends from work. I stir-fried it a while back and froze the leftovers. We thawed them and added it to the plates for color.

Gravy. Gravy and gravy gravy, gravy gravy. Gravy potatoes, grave and gravy. Gravy.

It was a lot of fun to share the genesis of a meal without having to share any of the actual meal. Next week: shepherds pie!


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I'm Jason Gillett, 2 year VEGAN, and a 41 year old family man. My wife & I teach in a FL school. I am using a blog to chronicle our family's new life. View all posts by jasongillett

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