Day 135: Eating by the Book

Today begins a four week countdown to a momentous birthday that everyone else makes a big deal over except me.  Turning 40 is no big hairy deal.  I mean really, if I was on Mercury I’d be 161.  If I was on Jupiter, I’d only be 3!  However, here on Earth, I’m just OLD!  Where, oh where, did the time go?  My big dreams have tur… wait, I forgot.  It’s no big deal.

During the four week countdown I will be celebrating this hardly noticeable milestone on the road of life by eating a very special plant-based diet.  It is one part eating healthy and one part book club.  In addition to eating single ingredient mini-meals throughout the day (an orange here, a few almonds there) I am going to eat exclusively out of a different cookbook during each of the four weeks.

When I say “I” there may be some confusion.  I am not a lone wolf stalking celery and hunting chard.  Instead I am part of a diverse pack that eats similarly, and sometimes even together.  Shannon and I are plant based explorers and have each been very good during our four months of living the new lifestyle.  Our three children are also very brave explorers.  We do not force this lifestyle on our children.  If they want to go to a pizza party with classmates or a standard American cookout with friends, we do not stand in their way.  At home, we don’t force our children to eat vegan.  However, our open-minded offspring have fallen in love with what we are eating and even though they do not abstain from meat, dairy and eggs, they have cut back dramatically.  I am extremely proud of our willing participants.

During the upcoming weeks…

February 26- March 3 (Forks Over Knives Cookbook): During this week the only cooked meals we will be eating will be meals found in this cookbook.   The book and recipes were inspired by the documentary that inspired me. It is filled with enough diversity to keep us excited about eating all week long.

March 4- March 10 (Engine 2 Diet): This is the week I get to pretend I am a fireman.  I have the hat, boots, a dalmatian and a smokey gaze that I am ready to unleash at a calendar photo-shoot.  I’ve enjoyed the handful of recipes I’ve tried from this book and I look forward to delving into uncharted territory.

March 11- March 17 (Happy Herbivore & Everyday Happy Herbivore): I am cheating a little and cramming two great books into one regular sized week.  We have had so many of the meals in these books that our goal for this week is to try recipes we haven’t had yet.  Lindsay Nixon has made living the herbivore lifestyle easy and delicious.  Finding the hidden gems we have not tried yet is a mouth-wateringly exciting scavenger hunt.

March 18- March 24 (Appetite for Reduction): This is one of Shannon’s favorite vegan cookbooks and she asked me to save it for my birthday week because of a few specific recipes.  That bodes well people!  Nomnoms are implied and I love nomnoms!

I am excited about these four weeks of deliciousness and healthy plant-based living.  It would be even more exciting if other people were playing the home version of the game.  If you want to play along, buy, borrow or steal these cookbooks, experiment with them, and share what you find with us.  We’re all friends- you can be honest.  Share the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Generally, this blog shies away from the recipe and photo type posts.  There are many great blogs that already have that food porn covered.  However, I will be giving a weekly recap sharing the highs and lows of each of the weeks/cookbooks.  In addition, I will be sharing almost every meal’s mini- review and picture during the month on the Facebook page (click here to join) and on the Twitter feed (follow the fun @Atkins2Vegan).  If you are a glutton for punishment, or just a glutton, I hope you join us for the updates.

Game on!


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I'm Jason Gillett, 2 year VEGAN, and a 41 year old family man. My wife & I teach in a FL school. I am using a blog to chronicle our family's new life. View all posts by jasongillett

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