Day 69: Last Minute Gifts

I seem to have lost the ability to notice the passage of time.  According to all of the calendars and electronic devices I own, today is Christmas Eve Eve.  Today is also a day of Hanukkah, Kwanza Eve Eve Eve, and Solstice After Day, but I don’t need to buy nearly as many presents because of those days as I do for the upcoming Santa Day.

Back in the good old days when it was Christmas Eve Eve (CEE), you either already had your gifts bought or you intentionally wanted to get in a fight with someone over the last toaster on the store shelf.  Last minute shopping was not for gentle souls or the unarmed.  You may have wanted to get a  TV for that special someone, but if you waited this long you needed to be able to settle for a package of bungee cords or a can of shoe polish.

Decades later, shopping on CEE online is somewhat similar because all of the shipping options have evaporated and the pressure is on.  If you want something in time for Christmas from LL Bean or ThinkGeek you will need to be willing to hire Dr. Who to fly back in time in his Tardis to get it for you.  Nerd burn!

There is good news, last minute economy stimulator! You can still buy last minute gifts online that don’t requiring shipping.  Some of them don’t even require printing.

Since some poor misguided souls have been asking me for advice about becoming more healthy, I have pieced together a very short list of possible last minute gifts that also promote a healthy, plant based lifestyle.

1. Happy Herbivore and Everyday Happy Herbivore– I know what you are thinking.  “Hey Jason, aren’t you just shamelessly promoting the awesome author of those books because she honored you as Herbie of the Week on her blog the other day?”  Well, kinda.  I am also shamelessly promoting her because both of her cookbooks are overflowing with plant based recipes that make living the life of a herbivore easy and delicious.   Shannon’s favorite of the two is EHH because it has a lot of spicy ethnic dishes.  We have both loaded on the iPad that has become our new cookbook shelf.  You can email or print out the gift certificate for that special someone who doesn’t get mad when you email or print their gifts.

2. Forks Over Knives movie and book– I know what you are thinking.  “Hey Jason, aren’t you just shamelessly promoting them because the good people at Forks Over Knives (FOK) took the Herbie of the Week interview and posted it on their Facebook page and then followed you on Twitter?”  You would think so, but in reality this documentary was the catalyst for my own drastic change from Atkins style dieting to plant based living.  If you are trying to lead a loved one, yourself included, to a healthy and longer life, this is the gift for you.  Or them.  You know what I mean.  Buy, buy, buy.

3. Engine 2 Diet– I know what you are thinking and I am shocked and appalled at your perverseness.  Sure, a little impressed, but shocked and appalled all the same.  This book has everything you need to kick off a new plant based life except the plants.  E2 is a great book about a 28 day cleansing diet that a fire station full of hunky firemen found successful at lowering their cholesterol, weight, and blood pressure.  The book is mentioned in FOK but what it doesn’t talk about is how much reading the book will make you want to live plant strong AND become a fireman.  Plus, it has the added benefit of making your chunky loved one think that they are only going to give up meat and dairy for 28 days when you and I both know that after 28 days they will not want to switch back.

Whatever gift giving excuse you are using this time of year, I hope that these last minute gifts make it to the people you care the most about.  As always, this list should include yourself.  Merry Plantmas and Happy Herbivore everyone!


About jasongillett

I'm Jason Gillett, 2 year VEGAN, and a 41 year old family man. My wife & I teach in a FL school. I am using a blog to chronicle our family's new life. View all posts by jasongillett

14 responses to “Day 69: Last Minute Gifts

  • Diane Cockerham

    Great ideas Jason…we will have to check these out!! My husband, Jef, has been noticing a sinus reaction to cheese in the last several years so we are trying to eliminate dairy ….love your snowing page here!!

    • jasongillett

      Thanks Diane! Shannon is tearing up all these cookbooks like a mad woman. She loves experimenting and this is all very new. I’d also noticed a phlegmy-ness (sorry) with dairy that has disappeared in the last few months. Happy New Year!!!

  • Sheree

    I love the snowing page, too! And I put Happy Herbivore’s cookbook on my wish list (along with Slow Cooker Vegan Recipes) and I guess I’ll have to wait until Sunday to see if I got them from Santa! Hope so! Have a great holiday weekend, Jason! (I’m all excited about making my Tofurkey on Sunday, lol~~I only eat it once/twice per year and I actually LOVE it)

    • jasongillett

      I hope Santa brought your super cool books and that the Tofurky was all you’d hoped. I recently tried a Field Roast that had cranberry and crust and it was divine. If you find one, pretend it is the holidays again and make a feast!

  • Ann

    Great minds think alike: I have 2 copies of the latest Happy Herbivore book and one copy of a Green Smoothies book for my 3 adult kids. Santa is gonna be a lot skinnier in the coming year!

  • Sister Jenn

    Dear Santa,
    Since I know my loving brother has yet to shop for me please let him know that I would like option one in the spicy version for my iPad.

  • Joshua E. Bigger

    It’s truly beyond my otherwise genius comprehension that people could read Caldwell Esselstyn and T. Colin Campbell and NOT immediately change their way of life.

  • Dr. Cat, The Happy Rehab Doc

    Jason I loved your Herbie of the Week interview–isn’t Lindsay awesome?!! SO happy you switched from Atkins!!! I’ve seen a lot of patients with major health problems from Atkins–horrible kidney stones, cardiac arrythmias, lifelong metabolic issues. People don’t realize how damaging that diet really is!! Well done switching to plant-based choices to detox and heal!

    Forks Over Knives was a major catalyst for my husband and I too. Awesome job on the weight loss–I can SO relate 🙂 Looking forward to adding your blog to my blog’s “blog roll” 🙂

  • jasongillett

    Hi Dr. Cat! Thanks for adding me to the blog roll- I’ve already seen a few readers come via you. The terrifying thing about kidney stones is that I can’t undo any damage that’s been done. If I formed stones (and I fear I must have) they will dislodge and make their southerly migration despite my new lifestyle. This is one of the harms I have done to myself that I can’t fix with fruit. On the upside, I know I am not forming any new ones. Have a great new year!

    • Dr. Cat, The Happy Rehab Doc

      Great! 🙂 On the kidney stones, I’m not a urologist but I have to say that from a medical perspective I believe you CAN reverse the kidney stone progression by surprise, surprise, changing your diet! Which you have done! From my experience, I think that whatever harm you did yourself by being on Atkins is COMPLETELY reversible by your choice of a vegan diet. Totally and completely. So there’s another upside for ya! 🙂 Happy New Year!

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