Day 47: Weight Conversions

I knew when I was patting myself on the back over ‘ten whole days’ of vegan-ism that it would seem silly by comparison to future benchmarks.  With a few days to go until reaching the big 5-0 days I am feeling that silliness now.  I am in no way diminishing my original point of pride, merely basking in the glory of larger and more impressive accomplishments.

The only new quantitative data that I can share with you today is that another seven pounds have slipped off of my frame.  The plant based total is a 27 pound loss making the grand weight loss total: 77 pounds.  That is 34.9 kilograms, 5.5 stones, 539,000 grains, 314.6 Newtons, or 292.9 taels!  I know! Isn’t Google amazing?

More than a decade ago, I sought the help of the nice people at Weight Watchers.  It is a great program for some people and I know for a fact they honor vegetarian and vegan lifestyles within the program.  I, however, am not one of the people that thrives in that kind of setting.

Firstly, I don’t find the time to balance my checkbook or take life-saving medications, so counting and documenting the points involved for all the food I eat is not my cup of Slim Fast.  Secondly, I taught elementary school for more than a decade and receiving stickers as rewards didn’t motivate me the same way it motivated my second graders.  Finally, no matter how many times I begged them not to make a big deal over a lost pound or two they would somehow forget and include my accomplishment in the motivational cheer portion of the day- and the chairs were not nearly big enough to hide under.

WW has changed some over the years and I have listened from the sidelines as friends and coworkers take a dip in the warm, encouraging waters.  I have no desire to rejoin them, preferring the encouragement and kind words I receive from you good people.  However, there was one impressive  comment that stuck with me since my days as a willing weight watcher.

The very nice lady who was checking my weight before the weekly meeting told me that I had lost half of a pound and gave me a congratulatory smile while documenting my success in a log book.  I gave an involuntary derisive snort.  There was so much derisiveness I almost needed a Kleenex.

When you get on a scale after a week of documenting the number of grapes eaten, you expect a minimum ten pound loss.  Unrealistic you say?  I respond with: I counted GRAPES!  Anything as inconsequential as a half pound loss should be punished in a de-motivational booing circle.  I explained as much to the very nice lady.

That is when she put the world in perspective for me.  Ms. Smiling Brighteyes reminded me that sticks of butter are sold by the pound and that each stick weighs a quarter of a pound.  While handing me my log book, she looked me in the eyes and said, “Last week you lost two sticks of butter.”

Now THAT sounds like an accomplishment.

I have made that particular weight conversion many times since then.  It is hard, slow, tiring work to burn off fat that has smothered a perfectly normal human body.  Giving up and visiting 3 Waffle Houses in one day is an option that can look very appealing when all the grape counting in the world isn’t solving an obesity problem in a week.  Ms. Brighteyes dealt with people engaged in this struggle every day and knew that small weekly gains seemed inconsequential to us and armed herself with a motivational weight conversion that helps me even today.

It has held even more power during the last 47 days.  It is easy to imagine that I am covered with butter… and all of the other meat and dairy that I ate over the previous decades.  Losing a stick of butter has never felt more like actually removing another stick of butter from my body.  Thanks to my new vegan life, I have said good riddance to another 108 sticks of butter.

The most exciting point to be made today is that I began this journey as a carnivore with 150 pounds to lose.  Today I am an herbivore celebrating the cresting of a figurative mountain and beginning my hike down the other side.  I have crossed the halfway point on this journey to great health and I look forward to having you following along with me while I describe the 73 pound descent.

It should be an exciting 165,713.2 Carats or 883 Mommes.  (Thank you Google)


About jasongillett

I'm Jason Gillett, 2 year VEGAN, and a 41 year old family man. My wife & I teach in a FL school. I am using a blog to chronicle our family's new life. View all posts by jasongillett

13 responses to “Day 47: Weight Conversions

  • vicki capone

    Sticks of butter… I love it!

  • jasongillett

    Thanks Vicki! I can’t tell you how many times that has made a week’s effort seem more worthwhile. Happy weekend 🙂

  • trysatori

    Brilliant, and I would have never thought of that.

    Thanks for being an inspiration, and keep up the good work!

  • Lidia

    What a great blog post!! I love it. Way to go!

  • Diane Cockerham

    Way to go Jason!!! You are truely an inspiration! and I’m continuously enjoying following your weight loss journey.

  • carrie

    the sticks of butter comparison is brilliant! keep it up you are doing a swell job and I could live off of pineapple and popcorn during beach week myself happy as can be 🙂 glad i found you on twitter and your blog.

  • Jennifer

    I know you won’t believe it but the same 2 women are still weighing me in every month after all of these years! Next time you are around I will tell you the meeting times and you can go figure out her real name. I know I got all of the genes for checkbook balancing and grape counting (sorry, I was a selfish egg). Thankfully all fruits and veggies are free now (no counting required) and I think folks are finding Weight Watchers easier to incorporate in their daily lives.

  • jasongillett

    I will admit I am curious to see if it is the same lady, but that would involve going to a WW meeting, or at least getting near one- and I wont be able to do that for about 72 pounds. Even then I will bring binoculars 🙂

  • tera peeples

    I’m so proud of your success! Your excitement is contagious &, just as I remember, your sense of humor is refreshing. My husband & I just made this switch too & we have never felt better. Just wanted to congratulate you on your major life change, you & your family deserve it. (o:
    Take care!

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