Day 42: Green Saturday

Buuuurrrp.  Well that was a delicious day of feasting!  Yes I did eat a slice of moist, well cooked turkey.  I feared that after a bite of meat I might explode into a carnivorous feeding frenzy devouring the entire carcass, bones and all.  Instead it was 100% ‘Meh.’  Clouds didn’t part in the heavens allowing the golden light of goodness to illuminate the bite of food.  The event was not heralded by a thousand trumpeting cherubs or even a harmonica playing monkey.  It was just a bit of turkey.   It was painfully similar to the trillions of other bits of millions of other animals I have eaten in the past.  If anything, it was less enjoyable because I expected more out of it than it possibly could have delivered.  Like Obama.

I also enjoyed a few other no-no’s on the Day of Giving Thanks by Damaging Your Health.  Diet soda was my main beverage before the transformation, and it was my favorite guilty pleasure of the day.  I had a small amount by old standards, a mere six cans.  It helped produce some of the most satisfying and delicious belches.  See you again on Christmas Eve dearest artificial sweeteners and carcinogens!  Miss you! xoxo

Gravy might be the most sinful thing I enjoyed on Turkey Day.  Gravy is pure, concentrated evil.  If you drink a glass of orange juice, you are drinking the equivalent of nine oranges except without the fiber and other benefits that come from eating nine oranges.  If you have a tablespoon of olive oil you are eating the equivalent of twenty olives without the other nutrients and benefits of eating that many whole olives.  The plant based diet gurus agree that concentrated food is bad.  This makes gravy the devil.

Gravy uses the turkey drippings which is the nicest way to describe the liquified animal fat, or concentrated turkey, that oozes out of the cooking bird.  The other main ingredient is cream.  Cream is an abomination all by itself.  Without getting into the discussion about humans ingesting the baby food meant for another mammal, let’s just look at the source of all dairy products: cow’s milk.  Cream is the concentrated milk fat that floats to the surface of a pail of milk.  The pure fat is skimmed off of the top for use in all kinds of delicious and artery clogging recipes… and the best friggin’ coffee in the WORL… no, it is bad.  Bad.  Speaking of bad, gravy is a mixture of these two forms of concentrated animal fat with a little bleached flour to make it deadly.  This explains why it tastes so good on potatoes and green bean casserole and bread and in diet cola.

To celebrate the day after Thanksgiving, I ate fruit all day in an apology to my healing body.  It shouldn’t have to endure that kind of setback, but it seemed surprisingly good-natured about the whole ordeal.

Today is another step in the right direction by hitting the farmers market on Green Saturday.  We are going to spend money on local businesses and buy foods that are good for us and the planet/population.  I hope everyone takes a moment today to dream global, but shop local.  Just like a vegetable lifestyle, it is the little steps that get us closer to where we need to be.  One day Wal-Mart and gravy will be the embarrassing things we tell our great grandchildren about.


About jasongillett

I'm Jason Gillett, 2 year VEGAN, and a 41 year old family man. My wife & I teach in a FL school. I am using a blog to chronicle our family's new life. View all posts by jasongillett

5 responses to “Day 42: Green Saturday

  • Jennifer

    Yumm gravy. Glad you are getting back on the program. I am sure the health and planetary impacts are worth giving up some of the evil yummy things.

  • jasongillett

    Very small price to pay. That gravy has to be hell on the cholesterol levels. Don’t want to get tested for another month or 2 now 🙂 Probably only had a 1/4 cup spread over many foods. Still is from the devil.

  • Julia Moran Martz

    You just gotta read Tofu Mom’s October posts all on gravy. Lots of gravy recipes. Bourbon gravy. Cider gravy. Everything you can think of.

    • jasongillett

      I have been so impressed with with the variety of new foods I am eating because of ‘limiting’ myself with a vegan lifestyle. Those legal gravies sound perfect- I following Tofu Mom now- thank you 🙂

  • Kayla

    Hello! My friend just introduced me to your blog and I have been reading for the past day. I can honestly say that I understand the ‘meh’ feeling that you had over the turkey. I have been an ovo-vegetarian for five months now although I will eat wild game that my Dad hunts maybe every other month, maybe. My fiance however is a regular omnivore and sometimes when meat is cooking for him my mouth waters like I have some sort of water rabies. So of course I take a tiny little piece to try, maybe a piece the size of a dice. I then realize that it is actually really flavorless and gross. No thanks. I do however enjoy wild goose very much but I just don’t believe it eating it very often and I don’t really feel the need to eat it very often. I will probably have my next bite of meat in July. I am not going to miss it. Back to the Thanksgiving topic, I wanted to purchase a share with a local farm for a free range turkey. It appears that isn’t going to fly (haha), which is too bad. The world would be a much better place if we all ate 99% vegan and I think if the naysayers tried it they wouldn’t be throwing such a kanipshin once they realized the benefits and the taste. I must say that I think my food tastes super delicious and food that we eat out is just bland and gross. You probably feel the same way. I will continue reading, please keep up the wonderful posts 🙂

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