Day 34: Removing the XXX in My Life

I was impressed with myself for making it 30 days as a vegan.  I am still patting myself on the back and thinking about how good I am feeling physically, emotionally, and as an Earthling on this big blue marble that we call home… but you can put all that in the composter because right now I am just JACKED!  Don’t worry- that’s a good thing.

Twenty pounds in 34 days, my friends.

My pants fall off now.  Boo hoo.   My belt was so long I couldn’t even punch another hole in it without also needing to cut an extra foot off the end.  I just pulled out a storage bin full of 2XL shirts because that’s all the X’s I need now!  My shoes are the same size, but you should to see the hunky calves that come out of them.  Rawr.

Seven months ago I started this journey with 150 pounds to lose and no idea what new fad diet to try out.  It seemed like a daunting quest and any day that I ended up at the AUCE Chinese Buffet was another day that I had decided that such a perilous journey should be started on a full stomach and after several more weeks of careful research.  Several plates of General Tso’s Chicken were usually enough to smother the common sense and discipline that kept trying to interfere with my lethargy.

Fifty pounds fell off in a little more than five months thanks to low-carb, Atkin’s style dieting.  Subtracting the newest 20 lost pounds, which came off twice as fast, I find myself very close to the midway point of this journey.

I will need to decide what analogy to use in a few days when I can say that I have lost 75 of 150 pounds.  I am leaning toward the mountain and the little engine that could.  This analogy implies that the downhill side of the mountain will be less effort and more Toot, Tooting (Vegans and their families understand that joke the most).

I am not sure what to expect in the months to come, but I am rooting for this weight loss pace to stay pretty consistent until the last of my excess stored energy is used up… you know, my fat.  I have always seen the wisdom in the saying that a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.  There is a tricky part to that saying that seldom gets mentioned. After the first step there are a billion more steps to take, all in roughly the same direction, each necessary to reaching your destination.  Based on that, I will have 500 miles to go, and a half billion very important steps to take.

My family, friends, and co-workers are all very supportive and understanding omnivores.  They can see the results and they share my joy each day I show off a new shirt.  However, the kindness and encouragement I get from the vegan/plant based diet community has truly helped me keep my steps going in the right direction.  ‘Atta boy’ tweets have kept me away from pepperoni pizza and virtual high-fives on the Facebook page have prevented cheeseburger cheating.  Just knowing that you are reading along has made all the difference in this drastic life change.

Thank you from the bottom of my much healthier heart.


About jasongillett

I'm Jason Gillett, 2 year VEGAN, and a 41 year old family man. My wife & I teach in a FL school. I am using a blog to chronicle our family's new life. View all posts by jasongillett

12 responses to “Day 34: Removing the XXX in My Life

  • jasongillett

    I would have devoted a paragraph to my sister’s ridiculous level of support but I’m not sure if a paragraph or even a post would be enough to thank her for the help and kindness she has given during this process. Maybe a chapter


  • vicki capone

    I’m still reading along and enjoying your progress! Keep on keeping on!

  • Jennifer

    Thanks Jason! I am super happy I am around to be supportive and that we have a better chance of being realllly old together someday.

  • the RA Vegan

    You are doing great! I have “only” lost 30 pounds but have gone down about 3 sizes in the past year. I think being vegan just helps things move to wear they are supposed to be. (No tooting references implied here!)

    • jasongillett

      Thank you! My clothes sizes do seem to be disproportionally shrinking compared to my weight in some ways. I seem to be morphing into people shape! (and becoming jet propelled…lol.. srry) Thanks again 🙂

  • Pam

    wow – that’s awsome!!! – I started at XXL and have move to L but it has taken me way longer. You are a super vegan star….. and save those polar bears :))
    Power to you !!!

    • jasongillett

      Spectacular! Sometimes it is just good to hear about that kind of success to keep you going- I was wondering today what may actual size is. Isn’t that an odd thing to have to wonder? Having been so far from normal, I am not sure what size I’m going to end up being. Thanks for the encouraging words- and the Power!!

  • Tyler

    Your doing GREAT daddy.!
    Im so Proud of you. Even if it means Eating Aguve Nectar And Tofurky I am More than happy to eat All The Vegetables, Fruits, And Fake meat With you.!
    Keep It Up ;D
    Love You

  • Sue

    I am there for you. Your reflection and humor will allow you an extra 50 years of productive lifetime. I am glad you are making this difference for yourself and family. Soon you will need to share with me so I might drop a few more pounds that the steroids so nicely gave back to me.

    • jasongillett

      Thank you! I write the blog so I don’t annoy you guys because otherwise it is all I would ever talk about! Let me know when I am allowed and I would love to yammer on for hours about this awesomeness 🙂 Feel better and Go Gators, always.

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