Day 10: Wait, What? Ten?

I will undoubtedly chuckle at how precious it is to be impressed by a ten day run of this vegetable based life style.  In geological terms, ten days does not even exist.  However, after a steady diet of sausage, salami, pepperoni, cheese, pork chops, beef ribs, roasted chicken, hot dogs, cold egg salad, steak, turkey legs, and chicken wings, ten days of vegetables and fruit is unheard of!  As always, it depends on the point of view.

As the tenth day begins to shed its sunlight, I can look back with pride and say that I did not intentionally eat anything that contains animal fat or protein.  I have no control over spiders that crawl into my mouth while I sleep.  It is not my fault if delicious, meaty spiders find my mouth to be as attractive as a gingerbread house is to a  German wood cutters child.  I have been to two restaurants and three business lunches and in every case I had no problem keeping perfect control over myself.  I have primarily eaten fresh, uncooked vegetables and fruits.  Some brown rice, whole wheat pita, and hummus were also occasionally mixed in.

The scale shows a 12 pound difference since I started.  Most of that came off in the first five days and I am hesitant to believe that it was burned fat that accounted for all the lost weight.  Instead, I believe that there is a lot to be said for the Roto-Rooter effect on my intestines.  It is possible that… um… bowel sweepings… could account for the extraordinary quantitative loss.  Twelve pounds is twelve pounds, though, so even if it was the result of getting a lot of hair cut off or a stomach flu, I would still be pleased.

Qualitatively, I can say that I feel like a new man.  I expected to feel better so this might be the result of a self-fulfilling prophesy.  Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.  I am bursting with energy.  My mental acuity is has improved noticeably.  For instance, I just used the word acuity.  Additionally, I have wished a horrible pox on less than half of the morning commuters that I normally cursed.  HALF!  Who am I, Gandhi?

I will also add that I have made my purchases as locally as possible- avoiding spring peas from Peru and citrus from Sacramento- and I even splurged on some of the organics that are available at Publix.  Despite that I am saving ridiculous amount of cash.  The 5.99/lb medium quality steak meal I used to have will now buy a day and a half’s worth of good food.

Ten days came and went.  Ten weeks and ten months will follow.  Around 88 pounds to burn.  Thanks for reading- it is nice to have someone to unload… um… bowel sweepings… on.


About jasongillett

I'm Jason Gillett, 2 year VEGAN, and a 41 year old family man. My wife & I teach in a FL school. I am using a blog to chronicle our family's new life. View all posts by jasongillett

8 responses to “Day 10: Wait, What? Ten?

  • Jenn

    12 pounds!!! That is really something! I like the local food/cost saving vibe as well.

  • stumbletowardhealth

    I love you saying it’s cheaper to eat fruits and veggies. I hate the go-to excuse that healthy foods are too expensive!

    PS- I’m reading oldest to newest and there have been several laugh-out-loud moments. But in all seriousness, I feel so much better and have a clearer mind (maybe not less moody in the mornings, but I’m not a morning person) when I’m eating healthy and working out. So I bet your changes are real and not self-fulfilling.

    • jasongillett

      Thank you! Laugh out loud moments are what I hope for! That makes my day 🙂 I had breakfast yesterday after browsing the produce department and grabbed a days worth of fruits and veggies for under 4 dollars! I almost spent that much on diet Pepsi in the old days! After buying meat for so long (and watching the price double in the last decade) I can’t believe I didn’t make this switch BECAUSE of financial reasons! I think I will plan a European trip with the money not being spent on what was killing me! Thanks again for the kind words- they offer more support than you can guess!

  • pinkunderbelly

    I too am reading oldest to newest and after reading about how much meat you used to eat, my first thought was of your bowels–yikes! I can only imagine the output as your body rid itself of all that animal protein. I bet your insides are all sparkly and gleaming from your new diet. Hooray for produce!

    • jasongillett

      I love my sparkly new GI Tract~ I used to spend time in the hospital because of how badly I abused by intestines- they have been healing for 15 months now and I can’t describe how great it feels! Hooray for happy bowels : )

  • Linda Hart Tolley

    Love your blog! I am so happy to have found you. I am basically going from Atkins (carbs are EVIL) to the whole foods plant based thing. Even bought a Vitamix wonder machine, which I now use every day. Am on day 10 today, too and have lost 10 pounds, feel great, mind sharper, no cravings, all of which is unprecedented. Have 70 pounds to go, but this really feels do-able. Your blog will certainly help, with much wry wit and laugh aloud moments. Thank you from too damn sunny California.

    • jasongillett

      That is spectacular! It sounds like you made a very smooth transition. You are going to be happier and happier as you continue the journey. I am still discovering new foods and broadening my horizons. I never knew there were so many other things to eat besides the crap I had before. I am very excited for you and what this new life can do. PLEASE check in with updates when you can- PLANT POWER!! : )

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