Day 2: I’ll Tell You What to Do With That Banana

OK ladies and gentleman, we have rocketed through the ‘honeymoon phase’ and entered the ‘attacking strangers and taking their meat phase.’

I always knew that this kind of a drastic U-turn would be a massive adjustment, but I just glossed over the actual effort that would be involved.  Atkins style dieting was great for weight loss, but it wasn’t easy.  I genuinely stayed at 10-20 carbs per day for months at a time and lost 10-20 pounds a month.  The effort of avoiding all breads, pastas, grains, potatoes and all things delicious and carby was intense.  However, I was always able to hide my frown behind a porterhouse steak or a rotisserie chicken.  It was hard to complain about not having french fries when I could eat bacon by the pound instead, but I still did.  The problem that I encountered today is that there are not a lot of good plant based pacifier foods to hide a frown behind.

I am also experiencing some actual withdrawal symptoms and I’m barely 48 hours away from sushi and steak.  My mouth is watering way more than it should just writing the word steak.  While cleaning a years worth of pictures and video out of my phone I came across several images of various meats sizzling over charcoal: sausages with chicken, T-bones with a roast, and pork in all of its glorious forms.  While reminiscing about the various grill-a-brations I didn’t weep openly.  Luckily I was surrounded by people eating lunch… and I was too busy controlling my urge to grab a ham sandwich and run away to carnivorous freedom.


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I'm Jason Gillett, 2 year VEGAN, and a 41 year old family man. My wife & I teach in a FL school. I am using a blog to chronicle our family's new life. View all posts by jasongillett

3 responses to “Day 2: I’ll Tell You What to Do With That Banana

  • Bean

    Sorry about your day. Are there any vegans where you work? It might help to sit by them if you are afraid of ripping sandwiches out of people’s hands. I met a vegan once. She was nice at first. Once she told me vegans don’t eat honey (because it hurts the bees) I decided she was nice but crazy. Thank you for the soda info!

  • jasongillett

    Not eating honey is lame. So is not wearing leather. So is not eating meat. I find it amusing that my lines between acceptable and unacceptable shift so much. Will I someday claim that bees rights should protect them from honey larceny? Will I wrinkle up my nose when I see leather shoes and belts? Who knows- old me, current me, and young me should all get together and come to some consensus on these things.

  • Bean

    Good luck with getting the three of you together. Perhaps in a lack of meat related delusion it will happen. Glad to hear about the honey and leather!

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