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Greetings Virtual Vegan Potluck 3.0 Guests!

vvp-loveAllow me to offer a heartfelt welcome to those of you passing through the ‘ole blog today- hopefully you are staggering under the weight of all the virtual food you’ve devoured before arriving here. Some of you are already grizzled veganaut veterans, but because of the popularity of the Virtual Vegan Potluck, many of you are new to the veganaut crew. Welcome aboard!

About a year and a half ago I started this blog to help chronicle my overnight transformation from Atkins dieter to plant based dieter and eventually to compassionate vegan. It has been a wild and wonderful ride that changed me more than I ever expected. Generally this blog steers clear from posting recipes. Instead, I leave that up to the overly skilled culinary bloggers I am sharing this digital food festival with. However, having a chance to be a part of something as fun and innovative as the Virtual Vegan Potluck seems to bring out my inner Alton Brown.

In the previous two VVPs I offered up Super Awesome Guac and Emergency Black Bean Salsa, both in the Appetizers section. For this round I find myself in the big leagues with Main Dishes. To be honest, I am a little nervous especially considering the other big name vegan bloggers participating. Luckily, I have a secret weapon: Shannon.

Shannon and I celebrated our 20th Anniversary this year (thank you, thank you, hold the applause) and for more than two decades I have witnessed her using an improvisational cooking style to create and recreate culinary masterpieces. When we were on the Standard American Diet in the 90s she created amazing food using ingredients and processed components from across the edible spectrum. As we invested several years into the Atkins diet during the 2000s she became adept at inventing low carb, high deliciousness foods that, like the Atkins diet itself, seemed too good to be true. Now in this new decade, living this new life, she has become a machete wielding explorer searching for new kinds of food to eat and build recipes around.

I’d hate for you to get the wrong idea about us. We do not subscribe to the preassigned gender rolls of the 1900s in our house. It is just a coincidence that Shannon loves to cook and I really, really love taking out the garbage and changing the oil in the mini-van. I also enjoy taking pictures which is what I did when we created our dish for the VVP: ‘Breakfast for Dinner’ Burritos!

cover-poster-vvpThese Breakfast Burritos are filled with tofu and mushroom scramble, faux sausage, and home-fries before being covered in gravy. Did I mention Shannon was raised on Southern cooking? She would try to put gravy in our green smoothies each morning if I didn’t beg her to save it for the salads and stir fry.

This dish is modeled after the Breakfast Burrito available on the brunch menu at Ethos Vegan Kitchen in Orlando. Since they only offer the brunch menu on the weekend, Shanon toiled away in her laboratory recreating the burrito so we wouldn’t have to wait for an entire work week to pass before having another. If you are ever in the area I highly recommend Ethos for all of your compassionate dining needs.


This pile of ingredients makes around 8 giant burritos depending on how full you make them or how many cubes of potato you eat during the preparation stages. You are encouraged to alter this recipe in any way that would make you happy. Here is what we used to make ourselves happy: 8 big flour tortillas, 12 oz. firm tofu, 8 oz. of faux sausage (we used Gimme Lean), 16 oz. sliced mushrooms, one onion, 6 medium red potatoes, 1.5 Tbsp corn starch, 1/2 tsp black salt, 1 Tbsp oregano, 1/2 Tbsp sage, 1 tsp onion powder, 1 tsp garlic powder, lack pepper, 2 vegan bullion cubes, 2 Tbsp Braggs Liquid Aminos, 3 cloves of garlic, 1 Tbsp of Earth Balance butter substitute.


First dice the red potatoes, sprinkle them with garlic salt (optional) and bake them until done. No oil needed, but if you have guests over you may want to cover your nasty looking baking sheet with tinfoil like we did. Next dice the onion and mince 2 cloves of the garlic and toss them both in a pan with the Tbsp of Earth Balance. Move the bits around the medium-hot pan and get them ready for the next step.


Once the onions start to turn clear, dump all of the sliced mushrooms into the pan EXCEPT for 1/2 cup that you set aside for later. Saute the mushrooms until it looks like more than half of them disappeared and then dump them on a platter for later.  Next take the same pan- DON’T WASH IT- and brown your faux sausage. Once that is done browning dump it next to the mushrooms and onions on the platter.


Now it is time to get the gravy started. In a blender, pour 4 cups of water, 1/2 cup of raw mushroom slices, 1/4 cup of diced onion, both bullion cubes, the corn starch, sage, garlic powder, onion powder, Braggs Aminos and black pepper to taste. Hit blend for 2 minutes and take a break, you’ve been working hard.

You can dump all the ingredients in a pot directly if you don’t want to deal with a blender. Shannon uses the blender because it ensures there wont be any lumps and because she loves her new Vitamix enough to include it on the Christmas card list for this year and take it for walks.

After blending for two minutes, dump the liquid into a small pot on high heat. Add a cup of the mushrooms and onions from your platter, stir occasionally. Let it boil for a minute then turn to simmer. Take off the heat after about 10 minutes and let the thickening fun begin!


Now it is time to make the tofu scramble. Using a slightly pressed firm block of tofu, crumble it into pieces in the same unwashed pan you’ve been using. Use a wooden spoon to break the tofu down to the consistency of scrambled eggs. Next, add the black salt.  Tofu scramble tastes exactly like eggs if you use black salt. If you don’t have black salt, no worries, just add salt and pepper and you will still have plenty of flavor from the sausage, mushroom, and onions.

Now you get to grab the platter with the mushrooms, onions, and browned faux sausage and scrape it into your trusty pan with the waiting tofu scramble. Mix it together and stir in one cup of your gravy mixture. Once you are done with this step you’re done with all the complicated cooking and you become a simple burrito making factory.


This is entirely up to personal preference, but we warm up the tortillas and fill them with 1/4 cup of cubed red potatoes and a rounded 1/2 cup of tofu scramble mixture. After wrapping them tightly and placing them on a platter it is time to garnish them with left over ‘taters and gravy.

IMG_4661These little beauties are perfect on their own but sometimes I like to pull out the sriracha and go to town. No matter how YOU eat them or how YOU change the recipe, or if YOU even attempt the recipe, it has been an honor to have YOU over to break burritos with us.

I hope you’ll find some way to stay connected with us here Jason and the Veganauts. There are a lot of options to the right of the page like receiving new posts by email and following with RSS. You could also click on links in this very sentence that connect you to the Facebook Group, Facebook Page and Twitter account. It is like vegan magic (meaning no doves or rabbits are used during the tricks).

Enjoy the rest of the Virtual Vegan Potluck. Thanks for coming!



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50 thoughts on “Greetings Virtual Vegan Potluck 3.0 Guests!

  1. This is great, Jason. Thank you for the part you played in putting this event together!

  2. THIS IS SO YUM!!!!

    Happy Virtual Vegan Potluck 3.0 Day!

    ♡ rika, vegan miam


    ★ we travel + eat vegan blog ★

  3. Looks hella tasty! I love breakfast for dinner!

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  5. Jenn on said:

    So excited to see this! Hello breakfast!!!

    • You are the reason we could even make this recipe. We spent months looking for black salt and we never found it until you gave us the bag of it (that you see in the ingredient picture). It makes tofu turn into eggs like magic. I am amazed! Thanks Jenn <3

  6. These look amazing! I live about an hour away from Ethos yet have never been there, love that I can get a little “bite” of the restaurant before I visit. :) Thank you (and Shannon!) for sharing!

    • An hour is a long time to drive for a restaurant but if you plan a trip to the art museum and the Winter Park farmers market you could make a day of it! If you are ever passing Orlando on I-4, it isn’t dreadfully far from one of the exits. There is something refreshing about looking at a menu and knowing you can have whatever you see on it. (Dandelion Communitea would be another great place to stop- but they offer 1/2 vegan, 1/2 vegetarian options).

  7. Lil Sis Veganaut المغربي الفول on said:

    OMG! Did you see the Moroccan Meatballs!!!! I love your friends.

  8. YUM YUM YUM! Thanks for all your hard work on this :)

    • You’re welcome Lisa! It is a labor of love~ VVP is a great way to reach out to people who are afraid to try a vegan lifestyle~ it shows them how much delicious variety there still is to be enjoyed. Thank YOU!

  9. Diane Cockerham on said:

    looks yummy….we love the added compliment of the sriracha hot chili sauce too!
    What do you put in your green drink in the morn? My daughter, Jesica, mixes up some kind of concoction in the morn too?

    • All hail sriracha sauce!

      Our green smoothy is a handful of kale, handful of spinach, one banana, cup of cantaloupe, cup of berries (strawberries just ran out but blueberries are about to be in season…) 2 cups of unsweetened almond milk. Some items that get tossed in once or twice a week: flax seed, carrot, bok choy, and anything going bad. This is a two person recipe and we usually have pretty big smoothies that keep us full and energized all morning long. I highly recommend them to all humans- regardless of preferred diet type.

  10. Oh my goodness yum. I need to eat this right NOW! I will pretty much eat anything with yummy vegan gravy on it.

    • I know how you feel Morgan- for Mother’s Day breakfast tomorrow, I am using the gravy to make Biscuits and Mushroom Gravy for Shannon. In truth, I am probably more exited about breakfast than she is, and she IS excited!

  11. Mmmm, breakfast burritos for dinner… Looks like you already figured out that you had to change your links. Thanks! And thanks for the awesome videos!!

    • THIS is the ‘Breakfast for Dinner’ of Champions! I did change them when I saw the no shows. You are doing a huge job with quality control management right now- one of things I’d love to talk about when the dust settles is how to trouble shoot the link-breaks without having it fall so heavily on your shoulders. You are a hard working hero- thank you for letting me be a part of the VVP!!

      • Somer came up w/ an idea that I think will work. It’ll take off a butt-load of stress and having to police this thang on the day of. Then we can all sit back and soak in the VVP awesomeness! I think we need a strategy session, however, for November. I think the VVP might crack wide open.

  12. Perfect for a potluck! This looks great!

    • Thank you! This is one of those dishes that you begin to convert omnivores with, in my humble opinion. I had one of these burritos in my third week of being a vegan (1.5 years ago) and I remember thinking, “This is going to be OK. I can live like this.”

  13. And just like that, I want breakfast for dinner. Looks delicious!

  14. Oh wow, what a breakfast for dinner it will be! this looks delicious! I love the post as well! Happy VVP!

    – alexis


  15. What a very delectable, tasty & creative vegan recipe for this VVP! I love it so much! so goood looking!

  16. I love breakfast for dinner and I love burritos! Perfection! I’m not surprised these were gobbled up as soon as the photographs were done, I would have started before the camera was even on hehe

  17. Oh yeah, BRING ON the GRAVY! I could totally dig into one of these right now… 10am and still haven’t had breakfast! Mmmm!

  18. I’m glad you and Shannon decided to cook something up! Those look so good, especially with the gravy! Breakfast burritos are going on my must make list asap. Bring on the noms!

    • They are very filling. It is a great item to either eat before hiking the Appalachian trail, or settling down for a lazy day of watching a new season of Sherlock (would they hurry up already??!). Enjoy the noms!!

      And please know that the sausage rolls you posted haunt my dreams ~~wake up Jason~~ make these awesome sausage rolls and all three dipping sauces~~ no need to sleep before work~~~ Really though, haunts my dreams… or is it taunts… or tempts. Either way, did you know you can mix the three sauces to create 9 new sauces? I think you need a Punnett Square to do it, but the results would be worth it ;) Excellent dish! http://cookbookaficionado.wordpress.com/2013/05/10/virtual-vegan-potluck-sausage-rolls-with-a-trio-of-dipping-sauces/

  19. Looks delicious! I am in awe of people who can take restaurant favorites and re-create them at home. I just don’t have the patience. I love the addition of gravy. Thank you for all your work and videos that help this potluck run more smoothly.

  20. Shannon really knows how to bring it! This is really a great dish to serve to reluctant omnis and newbie veggies. Thank you for the recipe.

  21. Breakfast for dinner is the best! I’ve never tried cooking with Braggs Aminos before (even though I have a tiny free sample of them in my pantry– can’t even remember where I got it now…), but this is a great idea… :)

  22. I love breakfast, any time of the day! These burritos look awesome. Thanks for your hard wrok in organising the potluck, it’s been an incredible experience.
    x Vix
    vixbakes.com :: vegan baking + raw desserts

  23. These sound superb! I’ll definitely come back for seconds from this dish :)

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