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Green Smoothie King

I am pretty excited about Rosie getting on the plant-based diet bandwagon, even if I am sorry it took a major heart attack to get her there.  I’ve always loved her and and I am willing to fight anyone who says there ever has been or ever will be a better live action Betty Rubble.  I’m not often moved to violence, but a passionate guy like myself can only take so much.

She and I have a lot in common.  I could relate to almost every honest thing she ever shared about her eating habits.  Many, many years ago Rosie told her audience that on long trips she would stop at a Waffle House for a regular sized meal.  Then she would repeat the Waffle House meal at several interstate exits in a row rather than ordering all 15 of the waffles she really wanted at once.  I was guilty of a similar sickness with fast food joints back then and hearing that someone else acted the same way made it easier to look at my actions and examine the problem more carefully.

Now that she is taking the plant-based plunge I have a really good idea of what she is going through.   Her change was motivated by fear, like mine.  There is still going to be some cravings to fight through and some re-education that will take place, but I am excited for her on this journey because I know what it will feel like for her on the other side.  I am excited that she is on the journey because of where it will take her.

My own herbiversary is only a month and a half away and I am loving life.  This morning I enjoyed my third green smoothie in three days as part of the impromptu “10 Day Green Smoothie Challenge” that was nonchalantly mentioned by the RA Vegan this weekend.   I was browsing my vegan Facebook Likes Saturday evening and saw on her page that she was chugging at least one green smoothie a day for ten days.  Challenge accepted!

In the last eleven months I have become a smoothie lover.  Usually, I don’t feel like eating any breakfast at all, much less a pile of kale and fruit drenched in almond milk.  Don’t ask me to explain the magic but somehow, blending all of that into liquid with a Magic Bullet makes it taste like an easily chug-able sweet milkshake.  Once I learned how to get the really fresh, raw food down in the morning I started benefiting from the blast-off energy every day.

For a while I blended berries and melon in my smoothies, but in the last few weeks I’ve started adding the previously unthinkable: carrots with kale or spinach.  This miracle breakfast is as green as a new-mowed lawn but tastes like an all fruit smoothie.  If you dislike the green leaf-ies but know how important it is to choke them down, then this could be the trick for you… AND if you’ve never had them first thing in the morning, I highly recommend it.  Remember Popeye eating his spinach?  His reaction was not a hyperbole.  Right after breakfast my own arms quadruple in size and my fists turn into anchors or anvils depending on how Bluto has pissed me off.  It makes driving difficult but it feels GREAT!

Pro tip: blend a date, fig, or a prune in the mix.  The sweetness factor goes up a few levels AND it is one more hidden super-food in an already spectacular breakfast.

Breakfast eleven months ago consisted of one or two quarter pound sausages, coffee with Splenda and half-n-half, and a hunk of cheese.  Eleven months later I am chugging green smoothies and loving it.  Do you hear that Rosie?  I am here if you need me.  We can our eat our way to another 50 years on Earth if we do it right.  This is exactly what second chances are for…

…and welcome to the revolution.

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11 thoughts on “Green Smoothie King

  1. Thanks for the encouragement, I need to get back on the breakfast habit myself.

    • These are still new and amazing to me- I made them with fruit only for so long that I didn’t know that how much energy was waiting when the green was added. Addictive energy and fiber levels in the morning!! Cheers!

  2. Green smoothies are the best~! I use a vitamix, great deals at Costco and blend one banana, one cup spinach, half an avocado, half a peeled cucumber and about 12 oz. or so of Almond Milk, one minute later, perfect! Great and well read article, enjoy the remaining 7 days of your challenge. Bravo ~

    • We are sold on the Vitamix now and are just waiting for the savings account to fill up again before making any unscheduled purchases. So glad to see avocado going in yours- I’ve heard great things and I am trying it soon. To your health!

  3. Huge green smoothie fan here. Best of luck to Rosie. If she sticks with it, no doubt that her life and health will change.

  4. Sheree on said:

    Just finished a smoothie (I always put dates in mine!)~~they are just so good!

    Jason, I’m glad it didn’t take a massive heart attack for you to get smart and go vegan! And Rosie is such a *loud* spokesperson~~I really hope she uses her voice to get the word out there!

    • I sure think I might have been waiting for it to get that bad. I would love to be in my 20s making this change, but I am grateful to be able to still get a chance to play catch up at the ripe young age of 40 : )

  5. Right here with you bro. I hope she can stick to it and join the ranks! Just finished a smoothie challenge with my real brother. Rockin.


    • I promise I am not blog stalking you! I think we have wonder twin brains that are tuned to the same frequency. I am so excited to read about people like your brother trying to live plant strong AND reaping the benefits of it! You and he kick butt!!

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