Jason and the Veganauts

and the Quest for the Vegan Golden Fleece

Day 245: Father’s Day

Like most mornings, I popped out of bed before 7am without any hope of falling back asleep.  The rest of the household tried to lull me back to the soft pillows with their gentle snoring and sleeping puppy whimpers, but it was no use.  The plant power has added a level of energy to my mornings that is both a blessing and a curse.

While tip-toeing through my slumbering home I remembered it was Father’s Day and instantly thought of Bar-B-Q.  The two have gone hand in hand for so many years that for a moment, the last eight months were forgotten.  I spent five seconds thinking about menu options before my consciousness intervened by politely reminding me that the routine had changed.  It was an odd five seconds that was completely free of desire, and strictly focused on logistics.

Rather than sit quietly, I grabbed wallet, phone, and keys and headed to the grocery store.  During the short drive I quickly decided that I had no desire to grill anything.  I know that eggplant slices make a great fire-kissed meal.  I also love roasting peppers and making veggie kabobs.  Additionally, I have found so many Tofurky style grillable products that I am completely set for tailgating season this fall.  I just wasn’t feeling the BBQ love today and before parking decided that there would be a new Father’s Day tradition starting today.

You should have seen the Moms and kids scrambling at 7:30 this morning!  It was hilarious.  The doughnuts, cakes, steaks, a frozen pizzas were flying everywhere.  I had almost no competition in the produce section where I bought all the expensive berries, melons, and nuts I normally pass over.  I’ve built some fruit and vegetable routines over the last many months and it was fun to shop outside of my rut.

I am back home now, on the porch with a laptop and a container of raspberries.  As king for the day, I’ve decided that when the *still* sleeping zombies wake, we will be headed to a nearby trail.  It will be a fun day of walking and eating that seems like the perfect replacement routine for this celebrated occasion.

Happy Father’s Day to you all- and especially to my own Dad, whose quintessential level of fatherdom continues to make me strive to be close to his league.

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15 thoughts on “Day 245: Father’s Day

  1. Hope you enjoy your Father’s Day. You are really an inspiration to so many fathers (and mothers :)
    Keep up the great work!

  2. so proud of you! happy father’s day!

  3. Sheree on said:

    I can feel the calm and peace in your Father’s Day in contrast to what you saw at the grocery store…people piling their carts with food that nobody will remember when the day is done.

    What you are doing for yourself is THE BEST GIFT you can give your children. What a good dad you are! :-)

    • That is incredibly nice of you to say! The chirping birds from the walk today stood out in stark contrast to the smoke filled back yards from grilling days. So much has changed!! Thanks so much Sheree : )

  4. Loved the imagery! Enjoy the day filled with health and vigor and nature’s beauty and bounty! I found Gardein Beefless Burgers at Shop Rite to throw on the barby tonight. Hugs, Sunny

    • : ) THANK YOU Sunny! You are 100% right about nature’s bounty and beauty~ I’ve had a very green day so far and I am loving it! I’ve heard good things about the Gardein, I will grab some and try them soon… you know… for science : )

  5. Sister Jenn on said:

    You are a good brother & dad. Enjoy your fruitfull day (typo intended).

  6. That sign…..that basket….I think that photo is from Publix. I think you live in Florida! Am I right?

    • You know it! That place is awesome. I visit the Publix(s) near UCF in Orlando. We are making a list of items we want them to carry now, in fact. They are good enough to order what we want even if they don’t carry it. Can you ask for any more than that? : )

  7. Happy Father’s Day, Jason! Sounds like a great new tradition.

  8. Somer on said:

    Yay for new traditions! And persimmons are one of my favorites!

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